Top 5 Marketing Analytics Dashboard Tools in 2017

If you’re spending a huge amount of money on digital marketing, analytics must be a main focus and always a top priority. It’s easy to get lost in the mix due to tons of programs out there and tons of data, so digital marketing analytics dashboards are awesome, not only saving time and having better insights and results as well. And now, let’s consider these top 5 Marketing Analytics Dashboard Tools for business.

1. Cyfe 

It is no surprise when Cyfe, a all-in-one business dashboard app is one this list, which can help us monitor all our business easily and effectively.

Cyfe integrates all of our online marketing analytics in one dashboard, helping you see all of your information in one place such as: historical data, real-time reports, custom data sources like custom widgets or APIs and many more.


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Also, it has numerous separate dashboards showing insights in some aspects including: marketing, IT, social media, web analytics, finance, sales, project management and startup with lead generation tracking.

Cyfe’s pre-built widgets connecting to the Google Analytics and Cyfe will do the mining for us automatically. We can also use Cyfe for analytic insights on platforms such as Salesforce, Google AdWords, GetResponse, all major social media platforms, etc.


  • Monitor everything: individual departments, multiple websites or anything using dashboard.
  • Pre-built Widgets: pull data from popular services
  • Customer Data Sources
  • Historical Data
  • Data Exports: download or schedule email reports of the date in JPEG, PDF, PNG or CSV formats
  • TV Mode
  • Real-time reports: share dashboards with management, customers and everyone else.
  • Customizations: branded reports, dashboard backgrounds and name mapping.

For whom: any marketer in need of an easy platform.

2. Mixpanel 

Mixpanel is a trusted and advanced marketing analytics dashboard tool for both mobiles and websites.

It’s increasingly favorable due to its user-friendliness when don’t have to write SQL queries. It helps us to track actions (instead of page views) and then comes with predictive analytics features. So we can use Mixpanel to measure and predict what actions people take on our app, whether it be on iOS, Android or web.


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Mixpanel enables us to mine our data and segment or visualize it in different ways as well  as use annotations and bookmarks for reports and significant events.

We can create a dashboard of vital metrics to our business quickly, and learn awesome insights with this integrative platform. Therefore, Mixpanel can help us understand our app users better, and then easily develop, refine and create better relationships with customers. 

For whom: every marketer

3. Moz Pro 

Another marketing analytic dashboard tool is Moz Pro. This is an SEO analytics and performance platform by industry experts, which can provide marketers and SEO professionals with intelligent data and tools to generate actionable insights.

Indeed, it can be your complete SEO toolset.


It boosts our online visibility and stays ahead of the competition. We can trust that we’re having the highest quality data from the industry leader in SEO metrics.

It also enables us to find tons of information about everything from link equity to domain authority and ranking.


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Moz Pro provides endless features for SEO insights, including keyword research, reporting, links, site crawling, rankings, page optimization and even workflows.

Also time saving is a highlight when we can observe our SEO analytics in one place, with precise results. 

One of the most special features is that Moz Pro’s global rank tracking helps us track any keywords on Google, Bing and in over 200 countries. And then it will provide segmented data, competitor rank tracking, local rankings, mobile rankings and even universal rankings over time.

For whom: online marketers and SEO professionals.

4. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is known as one of the top digital marketing analytics dashboards, which focuses on optimizing your marketing.


It helps us track, analyze intelligent audience behavior and optimize our digital marketing to find more of the best customers and keep them. So we can make better decisions.

Kissmetrics also provides different reports that help us see customers are leaving, and then help drive better retention and observe customer behavior over time.

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Kissmetrics for A/B testing, revenue tracking, automation marketing and audience segmentation are also effective tools to manage customers behaviors.

The audience analytics features are invaluable when we can see what customers are in favor of, what they dislike and what trend will be. Moreover, we can use the data on this dashboard to create highly personalized communications to specific groups of visitors so our products or services can reach potential customers exactly. As a result, we can not only strengthen relationship with loyal customers, more importantly, nurture new relationships by targeting people who are in the same stage.

Finally, triggers will automate our engagement with customers in a specific event, whether it is idle on your site or an action after scrolling to a specific page section of the website. You can design your action, choose targeting, etc. 

For whom: any marketer in need of an easy platform.


5. Hotjar

This is an all-in-one analytics and feedback dashboard, giving us a whole picture to understand our web and mobile website visitors totally and truly.


This cutting-edge platform’s top features are heatmaps, which allows us to see where our customers are spending time, clicking, and how they’re interacting with our web or mobile sites.

“Recordings” feature provides actual recordings of where visitors click, tap, move their cursors and navigate our page.


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Also Hotjar offers form analysis, feedback polls, surveys, conversion funnels, and even recruiting user testers. 

Information about our forms: how long they take to fill out, how many people fill out specific sections, and much more will be given as well. Moreover, Hotjar can take away the guesswork in learning about the customer experience on any website we manage.

For whom: everyone, buy highly recommend for new improved websites.

These above are top 5 most Marketing Analytics Dashboard Tools recommended for every marketers and SEO professionals.






Top 5 Marketing Analytics Dashboard Tools in 2017