Top5 Online Reputation Management (ORM) Programs for Corporations in 2018

Nowadays, as e-commerce and online shopping tend to be dominant and more preferable than traditional ones, the companies can definitely control the sales and promotes customers’ selling by reputation management or ORM (online reputation management). It refers to the monitoring of the reputation of brand, addressing negative contents and using feedback to solve problems. A lot of tools and programs can be used, especially this top great 5 Online Reputation Management (ORM) programs below.

1. Brand24

It is no surprise when Brand24 is listed as the most popular ORM, as a simple, but effective online monitoring application.

Brand24 is used to track mentions of the brand name, the competitors or any topic relevant to the business in real time. In particular, it lets us track our brand across various social networks and influential publishers, even major news sites.

The key feature is that Brand24 can track brand mentions and determine where customers are discussing the brand, even if customers aren’t using the company’s official handle by contextual information.


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PC Magazine, one of the well known technology review websites, regards Brand24 as one of the best social listening tools on the market for businesses.

With user-friendly interface including Slack integration, Brand24 offers a comprehensive set of core listening, mention tracking, and influencer analytics features at reasonable price.

Brand24’s sentiment analysis algorithms include slang, emoticons and even something not found in other social media monitoring and analysis softwares. It will search up to 25 social media networking sites in all languages for the company’s name or keywords we choose.

The focus is crisis management/ prevention and customer service as well as a dedicated account manager to figure out the best keywords. Therefore, Brand24 will be helpful in market research or campaign for a new product or service.

Brand24 also provides users with one-on-one training and access to support material, call or email as well with prompt answers.

We can track the information daily, weekly or monthly as it is in a very coherent format and observe the trend easily by custom charts over time or see a breakdown by social media platform or publisher by filtering tools.

Price: free 14-day free trial – from $49/ month

2. Naymz

If Brand24 tends to focus on crisis prevention, Naymz sticks tothe brand’s social influence, which is also strongly related to the online reputation.

The information from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter will be used and calculated to show the brand’s online influence.

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The peer reviews are used to measure the perception of trust of our contacts to the business: when a new contact accesses to the page, Naymz will send a mini questionnaire, then positive responses will be graded to increase the RepScore vice versa.

The key point is that Naymz will compare our reputation with the reputation of our peers across social media networking sites so we can determine what we need to improve to get the same page as our competitors, and even to get ahead of them and to be the market leader.

Price: free

3. Go Fish Digital 

Like Brand24 and Naymz, Go Fish Digital is also a great online reputation management (ORM) program that offers a number of services for online reputation management, and the best feature is the negative complaint search engine, which monitors up to 40 complaints websites at once by a customized Google search.

Go Fish Digital’s primary function is to target negative reviews and comments on prominent websites like Google, Wikipedia, as well as the biggest review websites like Yelp.

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Importantly, if we have the budget, we can also have the company build us a customized online reputation management dashboard, to constantly monitor our reputation from a single central point. And the good news is Go Fish Digital will continue to provide full support for our dashboard for life.

It is a good idea to use this tool regularly because some complaints may already be published and may not start ranking for a while. Try using it at least once every two weeks.

4. Review Trackers

Like Go Fish Digital, but Review Trackers has a more positive slant, and even conduct a Google search of over 80 different review sites at once.

It can detect patterns in the reviews, complaints and take corrective action right away. The strongest selling points with customers can also be identified, so we can promote and take advantages to grow the brand.


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Another great feature of Review Trackers is that all our reviews are centralized via a single dashboard we’ll get an email notifying every time we get any reviews. Therefore, we can act quickly to prevent a negative reputation, and even respond to reviews from this dashboard.

5. Reputology

Reputology is also one of the widest-reaching online reputation management (ORM) platforms as it monitors brand mentions across Facebook, Yelp, Google, and industry review sites.

The unique feature of Reputology is the customizable response emails to monitor our internal reputation management practices as well as see how often employees respond to customer reviews and make sure their responses comply with the internal guidelines.

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Moreover, Reputology understands the need for the growth of customers so it provides logic-based custom surveys to customers to get feedback and importantly, to encourage positive feedback in a public mode.

They key point is that Reputology offers a wide range of analytical tools to monitor the reputation over time to ensure a consistently strong performance.

These above are top 5 best online management reputation (ORM) tools that all of us can take advantages and manage our websites to stick to targeted customers.