7 Things You Need to Stop Doing to be Successful

Are you tired of work, lose motivation and want to let go? Have you failed and are struggling to stand up?

The path to success often goes through many difficulties and failures. Persistence is one of the factors that lead us to success. However, to be successful,  sometimes we need to give up, but this is to give up the bad ones, to improve and to receive better.

Here are 7 things you need to stop doing to be successful.

1. Stop blaming others.

No one likes to work with someone who just knows blame. Fearing of facing the mistake and blaming others are the things that a failure does. Moreover, you will no longer be trusted by people for important tasks.

Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders have gone through many ups and downs in their lives and careers. However, they are always brave and willing to take responsibility for each of their mistakes. They try to overcome their weaknesses to avoid repeating other failures. They are easy to accept that they are weak, deficient and not careful to be affected by unexpected results. Take that as a lesson and learn experience for yourself from the wrong things. Successful people dare to take responsibility for their failures, the loser only knows to blame others.

“Blaming someone does not solve the problem. It’s not good to step on someone’s back, “CEO of Likeable Local confirmed.

2. Stop critizing yourself.

When we make mistakes, many of us often criticize ourselves harshly, that we are stupid or don’t do anything. But, did you know? People will value you the way you value yourself. If you’re constantly beating yourself down, other people will also beat you down. You can do wrong but that does not mean you have to criticize yourself so that you become more pathetic! Criticism will never make you better.  

Therefore, you need to replace those negative messages with more optimistic words like “I’m wrong. It’s okay. This time, let me learn more. Next time, I will do better”. Being aware of this, gradually, you can believe in yourself and move on to a more positive thinking. Let’s start building up the confidence in yourself, recognize mistakes and fixes instead of condemning or tormenting yourself.

3. Stop worrying what others people think of you.

What other people think of you is their reality. It doesn’t have to be yours. If people judge you, it talks about them more than about you. Realize that you are your own and only you who can be in charge of your own actions and feelings. Be yourself! Life is simply not fun if you are too worried about pleasing/offending other people that you can’t even have a personality!

Successful people don’t base their values on how others think of themselves because they have set their own values, goals, and principles without having to depend on anyone to confirm them.

All people see each other through the eyes of personal experience and interpretation. Thus, successful people often don’t care about what others say, they understand that when someone makes a judgment about you or your life, it doesn’t come true unless you agree with it.

4. Stop doing many things at once.

Doing multiple things at once is a skill that not everyone has and to accomplish all these tasks at once, it seems that no one can do it. It will only reduce productivity and would end up in chaos by sucking up your time and energy. You won’t excel in anything if you try to do many things.

Psychologically speaking, doing many things at once means you are not focused and having clarity of thought on your needs or you are yet to analyze yourself.

The secret of successful people is that they only focus on a specific job and constantly develop it with all their abilities. Successful people often only bring full potential into one job at one time.

5. Stop setting ambiguous goals.

To be successful, you need to define a clear goal. It is a factor that takes you to success. The goal is to help all of us orient our lives to the most important things.

Ambiguous goals are not powerful enough to make us act. Many people are afraid of failure and therefore they set non-specific goals. However, they never achieve success because they don’t have something clear to focus on achieving. For specific purposes, it is completely different. You can develop clear and effective strategies.

Finally, the goal will be nothing if you don’t plan to achieve it. Whenever one goal is identified, immediately start doing something towards the goal.

6. Stop staying inside the comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is defined as “A psychological state in which a person feels familiar, at ease, in control, and experiences low anxiety. The reason we are comfortable in our comfort zone is because we are not taking risks when we are in this state. When we live in our comfort zones, we are living life like hamsters on a wheel, going around and around in a constant cycle, but going nowhere in our lives.

When you get outside of your comfort zone, it doesn’t mean that you should strive for a constant state of anxiety and stress. It simply means that, in order to grow, you should try new things and expand your horizons. Famous motivational speaker, Les Brown, said it best with, “If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.”

In today’s technological age, daring to take risks is also a factor that will help you braver and be successful. Getting out of the comfort zone by daring to ask, daring to say, daring to take criticism, daring to face yourself and failure will always be difficult but let’s be brave! You’ll never be successful if you don’t encounter failure.

7. Stop giving up too soon.

Giving up is the enemy of the successful people. Do you have enough perseverance to pursue dreams and goals in life?

One of the most important secrets of success is to learn to manage your doubts. Most of the people give up passion so soon. Each celebrity to achieve success as now has stories of perseverance. Probably, no better example than Abraham Lincoln’s story.

The businessman failed at the age of 21, and failed again at the age of 24, 34, defeated by parliamentary constituency, 45-years old senatorial election failed and 47th vice presidential election failed. But in the end, he was elected president of the United States at the age of 52.

Lincoln never faltered. Lincoln may have decided to give up after several attempts but then he pursued a passion to the end.

Nothing can replace persistent persistence. As long as you are actively trying after each failure, you have not failed yet.

By Van Vu.

7 Things You Need to Stop Doing to be Successful