6 Best VPN Service in 2019/2020 Reviews with coupon

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Top 6 best VPN services in 2019/2020 are reviewed for safety priorities, personal privacy protection,  fastest VPN for video streaming, best VPN for gaming and best customer service provider. (Updated to Nov 19, 2019)
Securing online personal information has become very important this year, so choosing a secure and fast VPN service is the ultimate way to protect your personal information from theft (or gov). The security of your online can be threatened at any time, especially when you access the internet from public wifi, your company or overseas.

Besides, accessing insecure websites also makes your private information easily stolen. In addition, every place you go to, your online activities can be monitored by Internet service providers, government organizations or crimes.
Choosing a good VPN is the first step to prevent your personal information from being stolen and also protect your privacy when accessing the internet. Here are 6 best VPN services provided secure VPN with high-speed connection for gaming, video streaming or torrenting.

1. NordVPN: – just 2.75$/ month – 77% off

NordVPN The best secure VPN service review

NordVPN is an offshore VPN supplier registered in Panama. They provided VPN with many appreciated utilities. They have the best secure and encrypted internet, wifi connection technology. It encrypts data not only once but twice. Two-node server link help double encrypt with military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption. NordVPN has a worldwide server network of 5250 locations in 59 different countries. They guarantee you good internet connection, whether you are gaming or streaming. NordVPN review.

NordVPN Apps design is simple and easy to use on both laptop and mobile. When you use NordVPN, they absolutely won’t save your history of visited websites. They are also the only provider to have Tor over VPN functions. When you exit, NordVPN automatically disconnects to the website with the Auto Kill Switch. The functions such as DNS resolver leak, secret notes, encrypted chat, full web proxy extensions help you confidently set the highest security mode when surfing the web. One more thing, their VPN server fully supports Torrent P2P connections.

To sum up, NordVPN is the best option to ensure all safety requirements that gives you the confidence to surf anonymously regardless of settings, network provider or public wifi. With moderate prices, NordVPN also accepts multiple popular payment options, even with Bitcoin.


NordVPN offers 3 plan options for you: the simple one (1 month plan) costs you 11,95USD/ month and it is billed monthly, the standard one (6 month plan) costs you 7USD/ month, which means 42USD billed every 6 months, you can save 41% if you go for this plan, the best one (1 year plan) costs you 5,75USD/ month, which means 69USD is billed annually, you can save 52% if you go for this option. And the bestest of all is that they are offering a 2 year plan promotion now. You can save 72% with this option as it costs you only 3.29USD/month.

Note: The 1-month plan costs $11.95, 1-year plan is $5.75/month, 2-year plan is $3.29/month and special 3-year deal is only $2.75/month.

So it is best to grab 3-year plan VPN

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2. PureVPN

PureVPN review compare best VPN service

PureVPN is a widely known VPN service, they provide data security solutions for applications very well, like mobile app messenger. They have about 500+ Servers in 141 Countries, and they absolutely don’t save your browsing history. PureVPN is a pretty good solution for security and personal information protection against hackers. Using PureVPN also allows you to connect to VoIP Services, they have live chat support. You can purchase PureVPN annonymously with Bitcoin or GiftCard. PureVPN review

Price: Although PureVPN currently offers no free version or free trial, they offer a 7 days money back guarantee with the price starting from 2.95USD/ month if you buy a 2 year plan, you save 73%, which is 70,8 USD. If you buy 6 month plan it costs 8.95USD/ month, which is 53,7USD. If you don’t want to spend too much money all at once for long term plan now, you can buy 1 month plan with 10.95USD. There are usually discounts in play.
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3. VPN Unlimited: The Cheapest Premium VPN service – 70% Off  for Infinity Lifetime

The Cheapest VPN service: VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited provides VPN services with prices from $ 2.08/month. They also provide personal servers and personal IP address services with higher and more stable speed. VPN Unlimited has high-security VPNs to ensure the privacy of your wifi internet access, prevent every tracking from ISPs, WiFi hotspot, also data and location tracking by the websites or apps you use.

With a simple interface, it can be set up esily and fit on every mobile device or operating systems. VPN Unlimited has 300+ high-speed servers in 50 locations all over the world. Moreover, VPN Unlimited supports 2 layers of concealed protection through KeepSolid Wise. It can hide VPN bandwidth & network traffic, which helps you ensure that ISP not know you’re using a VPN. Or observe the battle between NordVPN and VPN Unlimted right now.

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4. Private Internet Access: The fastest VPN service – Save 52% for Annual Plan

How a VPN Works Private Internet Access fastest VPN service

Private Internet Access provides you with stable connectivity options, which does not degrade the speed of your internet access while maintaining security. They have 3277 Private Servers Internet Access in 24 Countries and 36 different regions. It supports Blowfish encryption and AES-256 CBC via OpenVPN protocols and helps you maximize security. Not only that, they also rely on the Netfilter Project firewall blocking all dangerous connections.

PIA guarantees that you browse the Internet anonymously and freely by blocking ISPs in many countries. It is also compatible with all devices and operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad or Android phone. PIA accepts multiple methods of payment including Bitcoin or gift card, which means you are completely anonymous.


5. IPvanish VPN service – 30% Off for 12-mon plan

IPVanish VPN, IPVanish VPN reviews Compare

IPvanish provides a safe and simple anonymous VPN solution. With 40,000+ IPs on 600 servers in 60 Countries, IPvanish brings you a VPN connection with a steady pace. IPvanish is suitable for torrenting users and P2P connections. With IPvanish, there’s no need to worry about IP and location tracking, it ensures your privacy online. The data is encrypted using 256-bit secure with AES encryption. You can pay VPN IPvanish via common payment cards or PayPal, Bitcoin.

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6. ExpressVPN

Express VPN security reviews 2017

Express VPN is a secure VPN services which offers anonymous web browsing and secure your online activities. It can be easily used on both desktop and mobile phones with friendly functions. The speed is stable and trustworthy.

ExpressVPN currently uses several OpenVPN encryptions including AES-256-cipher with RSA-4096 handshake, TLSv1.2 and SHA-512 HMAC which strongly prevents DNS leaks in the process of connecting and hides IP address.

You can be free to use it in whatever way you want since ExpressVPN does not keep logs of your activities. It also goes the same for private IP address, connection time as well as other connections of users. It also supports P2P connection. For more details, let’s read full ExpressVPN review.

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So the best secure VPN service at this time is NordVPN

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6 Best VPN Service in 2019/2020 Reviews with coupon