Top 6 Best Free CAD software for enterprises in 2018

CAD software is a must-have tool to have in most enterprises to reduce fatal flaws in design that may show up during production. If you’re in the industry that relies a lot on CAD tools, you probably already know that getting a good CAD software can be quite costly. And if you are a student who is just starting to dip your toes into CAD software, this will definitely be a problem. There are a lot of CAD software available online, and we can consider and choose the most suitable one. That’s why today I compile this review to give you some best CAD software that you should pay attention.

  1. Sculptris

The first name on the list of top best CAD software us Sculptris, a professional yet free 3D modeling program that is made by one industry 3D expert, Pixologic. You can use it to easily design your own version of a troll, dragon, or even Godzilla itself through their rich sculpting toolset. If you’re bad at playing around the geometry and polygons to create your own surface, worry not, because Sculptris surface contains countless of triangles that are automatically built into your 3D model surface. This CAD software is an interactive and user-friendly digital sculpting program. The application is ideal for people who are new to creating digital sculptures with its easy-to-use tools and highly-navigable interface. Still, it remains a robust software with which artists can learn the ins and outs of digital painting before moving on to other applications like ZBrush for more refined techniques.

With Sculptris, digital sculptors know that they are on-board with a revolutionary application. That is because the program enables artists to shape virtual clays and other materials into the shape they want it to take with clearly refined details.


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Moreover, Sculptris gives artists the tools they need to further bring their digital sculptures to life. With the software, sculptors have brushes and paint palettes that let them apply true-to-life colors on their creations.


Free System

Sculptris is a revolutionary system as it provides digital artists with the means to realize their imagined objects. Yet despite its feature-rich system, it is free for the use of individuals and even companies. Pixologic, the brains behind the application, give artists free reign on their images and places no restrictions on how they use images they created with the digital sculpting software.

Newbie-Friendly Application

Sculptris is a great app to begin with for those who are only beginning to explore digital sculpting. The software offers a host of powerful to get inexperienced users started on their digital artistic journey but makes certain that they can easily work their way around the features. This lets them enjoy an entry-level application and still be able to create intricate designs.

Translatable Skills

Sculptris prepares people for the use of ZBrush, another digital sculpting software by Pixologic. The skills they learn on the gateway application are applicable to the more complex program, which means they do not have to learn new commands and get familiar with different techniques all over again once they are ready to move on.

Streamlined Geometry

Unlike other applications that stretch existing polygons to add volume to surfaces, Sculptris adds new polygons instead for an even distribution.

Further, the application makes use of computing resources to ascertain whether there are enough polygons in an area and immediately applies new ones where needed.


  • Customizable Navigation Controls
  • Dynamic Tessellation
  • Mesh Import
  • Toolbars
  • Symmetry Mode
  • Sculpting Brushes
  • Optimizing Brushes
  • Preloaded Patterns
  • Mask System
  • Preloaded Materials
  • Automatic UV Creation
  • Projection Painting
  • Bump Painting

2. FreeCAD

This CAD software is 100% open source and is aimed directly for mechanical engineering and product design uses, but also can be used for architecture or other engineering industry that relies a lot on parametric 3D modeler. Although it is open source and free, FreeCAD is on par with other popular CAD programs due to its capability in creating real 3D solids, support for meshes, 2D drafting, right hand coordinate system plus many more features. The program itself is extremely modular, where you can opt for very advanced extension and customization. FreeCAD is a serious open-source offering that supports parametric 3D modeling, which means you can modify your design by going back into your model history and changing its parameters. The target market is mostly mechanical engineers and product design, but it’s got a lot of functionality and power that anyone would find attractive.


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Like many open-source products, it has a loyal base of developers and can compete with some of the commercial heavy hitters because of its ability to create real 3D solids, support for meshes, 2D drafting and lots of other features. Further, it’s customizable and is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Fedora

This CAD software has basic drafting tools for primitive objects, as well as basic solid modeled 3D objects, such as boxes, spheres, cones, etc. Primitives can be extruded in order to add height or width and 3D objects can be sized and edited as needed, as well as merged together to form new objects. It even has the ability to cut out or even create sections between solids. FreeCAD comes with a helpful set of tutorials and has a pretty decent online help utility (especially considering it’s free and mostly user supported!) One of the nicer features of FreeCAD is the concept of “workbenches.” Workbenches are collections of tools that are put together for use in a particular type of modeling work.

They have architectural, ship design, parts design and a bunch of others that have predefined components and collections of tools to help you develop the type of objects you need. For example, in the architectural workbench you can add walls, structural components, create call out grids, cross sections and even predefined title borders to present your plan on. That’s great stuff for some basic home renovation work.

There really isn’t a negative to this program. I mean, it’s free! If I have to lodge a complaint at all it’s that there is no layering system included; all display options seem to be controlled by object. Anyone who’s ever worked in the CAD field is going to find that frustrating but I imagine that for novice users it’s actually a plus. I’ve just been working in CAD for so long that not being able to control display by turning layers on/off makes me twitchy.

Personally speaking, I think this is a great program that bills itself for exactly what it does. If you want to do some personal use modeling and design without needing to go out of pocket or needing to have a high end graphics computer, then FreeCAD is the best answer out there. If you just want to get a good feel for 3D modeling on your own time, the absolutely download this software and get to it.

3. LibreCAD

Another open-source offering, LibreCAD is a high-quality, 2D-CAD modeling platform. LibreCAD grew out of QCAD, and, like FreeCAD, has a large, loyal following of designers and customers.

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It includes lots of powerful features that include snap-to-grid for drawing, layers, and measurements. Its user interface and concepts are similar to AutoCAD, so if you have experience with that tool, this should be easy to master.

4. DraftSight

Anthe solution for CAD software is DraftSight, a free 2D CAD editor that is good for professional CAD users, students and educator, especially if you need to create, edit and view your project in the native DWG file format. It comes with a nice set of features that allows you to generate professional looking plans using lines, polylines, dimensions, text and others. The interface is relatively dull, but this may appeal to those who prefer a minimalist and simple CAD software. DraftSight (the Individual version) is a free software package that is ideal for personal use. There are no fees or limitations on usage or plotting. The only requirement is that you must activate the program with a valid email address.


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DraftSight is a basic 2D drafting package that looks and feels very much like AutoCAD. It has all the drafting tools you’ll need for generating professional-looking plans: lines and polylines, dimensions and text, and full layering capabilities. DraftSight even uses the DWG format as its file type, the same as Autodesk products, so you’ll have the ability to open and share files with other users.

5. OpenSCAD

If these four choices above can’t satisfy you, another CAD solution is OpenSCAD, which is extremely suitable for those wishing to work on the specifics, especially engineers in 3D modeling platform. It does not have interactive modeling for you to design your model, but instead relies more on what you defined in the parameters through the script files. If you’re looking to build a machine parts instead of designing your next game character, OpenSCAD is the best fit that purpose.

6. KiCAD

The last name of CAD software is KiCAD, a free and open source PCB design tool that includes a project manager and 4 main software such as schematic editor, printed circuit board editor, GERBER file viewer and footprint selector for component association. There are also additional software tools, a 3D viewer to render your PCB in 3D and 2 library component editors to allow you to create or modify schematic and footprint components.


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These above are top 6 best CAD software that can assist us effectively in our designing. Let’s consider carefully and take advantages of them.





Top 6 Best Free CAD software for enterprises in 2018