Top 5 Best Gym Management Software Programs in 2018

 With the growing importance of gyms in the market, many people are taking up the business of setting up gyms which is extremely profitable and has a lot of scope to grow and prosper in the long run as well. Being the owner of a gym is not an easy affair as it means that one is responsible for everything, starting from fulfilling the basic requirements, the proper supply and maintenance of the equipment, hiring personnel to get it going and many more and to add to the burden there are file full of administration work which the owner has to look into as well. And it is time that Gym Management Software’s assistance could functions effectively. And that’s why I will introduce top 5 most popular Gym Management Software Programs to all of you, especially to gym’s owners.

1. Zen Planner

One of the most popular gym management software platforms is Zen Planner, amember management software for gyms, affiliate gyms, martial arts schools, MMA schools and fitness studios. It includes integrated payment processing and automated billing, a self-service kiosk iPad app, both a member app and staff app for Android and iOS devices, scheduling, automations, workout tracking, belt and skill tracking, site templates and more.

Zen Planner is the ultimate business management and scheduling tool dedicated specifically to all fitness businesses out there. What does Zen Planner do? In a nutshell, the system simplifies business operations and membership management functions, helping fitness businesses improve their products and services, improve membership growth and retention, and ultimately enables business owners and coaches to spend less time behind the desk and more time instructing and building relationships with their members.


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Zen Planner is designed for fitness businesses, specifically gyms, martial art schools, fitness studios, affiliate gyms and MMA schools. Designed with inputs from fitness entrepreneurs and active members of the fitness community, Zen Planner is loaded with all the tools and features that will surely help users achieve their business goals. Track attendance, monitor your members’ performance, and get reliable business analytics. All these you can do with Zen Planner.


  • Simple interface makes using Zen Planner a no-brainer right from the get go.
  • With an extensive set of functions, Zen Planner can help businesses increase their revenues by as much as 85%.
  • Users have reported that they were able to save 10% of their time spent on administrative functions thanks to Zen Planner simplifying and streamlining many major processes and operations.

Key Features:

  • Online scheduling and attendance tracking
  • Simplified automated billing and integrated payment processing
  • Integrated website and email marketing
  • Advanced Workout Tracking
  • Belt and skill tracking
  • Client self-service through Kiosk iPad App and Member Connect
  • Time-saving automations
  • Customized reporting and analytics
  • Android and Apple Member App

Price: Zen Planner’s pricing is based off the number of active members and includes payment processing, and there are no contracts or startup fees.

  • $75 per month – up to 50 members
  • $95 per month – up to 100 members
  • $115 per month – up to 200 members
  • $135 per month – up to 400 members
  • $150 per month – more than 400 members
  1. Teamsnap

Teamsnap is also a gym management software app as a team organizing tool for the sports industry. Modern sport is more than just a bunch of athletes running around in the field. There is a whole lot of science involved where management look at statistics, performance charts and what not. Of course it is all possible through better team organization which is what Teamsnap offers.

Teamsnap is a tool that eases the managerial operations for the support staff, coaches, and managers. Allowing you to communicate with your team more effectively, Teamsnap can be an unorthodoxly important variable to your team performance.


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Teamsnap is a club management software app that was introduced in 2009 as a team organizing tool for the sports industry. Modern sport is more than just a bunch of athletes running around in the field. There is a whole lot of science involved where management look at statistics, performance charts and what not. Of course it is all possible through better team organization which is what Teamsnap offers.

Teamsnap is a tool that eases the managerial operations for the support staff, coaches, and managers. Allowing you to communicate with your team more effectively, Teamsnap can be an unorthodoxly important variable to your team performance.

During the seven years of operation, Teamsnap has won several awards for its services. It won the “Colorado Companies to Watch” award in 2014 as well as the “Silver BMA” in 2015.

Teamsnap closes down the gap between managers and players by improving the communication between them. If you’re a team manager, you must be aware of the hardships of not being able to contact the team in emergency because there may not be a common platform for all. Teamsnap provides that platform so that you and your team is always on the same page.

You can schedule your team meetings, practice sessions and much more through simple synchronization with outlook and iCal. All of your players stay updated with the schedule keeping them from missing important sessions.

Managing players becomes a breeze. You can add and edit player information whenever you like. Customization options allow you to keep the most relevant information up for use all the time.

It’s also a great software to track down payments and manage finances. You can monitor the outstanding dues as well as send reminders to the defaulters. It keeps you from unnecessary arguments and lets you maintain friendly relations with the members.

Messaging service is also a key feature. If it’s an emergency meeting or change in plans at the last minute. You can easily convey your message to the players and keep them from unneeded effort.

Teamsnap is an ideal software for all team sports. Whether it’s a long season league or a friendly game with the neighbors, Teamsnap lets you manage them all.

Price: 4 plans

  • Free Plan: Roster for 30 Members + Messaging Services + Scheduling + Fansite for Team + Facebook Integration + Privacy
  • Basic Plan – $9.99/month or $69.99/year: All free plan features + 500 MB storage + Reminders through Email + Availability + Alerts + Payment Tracker + Assignments + Email Support + Banner Free Web + Online payment Collection
  • Premium Plan – $12.49/month or $89.99/year: All Basic Plan Features, 2GB Storage, 40 members/ Roster, Weather Forecasts, Team Logo, Team Color, Player Fields, Stats + Domain Name
  • Ultra Plan – $17.99/month or $129.99/year: All Premium Plan Features, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Roster Members and Multiple Team Sponsorships.

3. Glofox

Another solution for Gym Management Software is Glofox, a gym and studio management software and app solution, tailored to the unique needs of gyms, fitness, yoga and pilate studios, to streamline admin tasks such as class scheduling, member management, billing, reporting and check-in.

Glofox also offers a website portal that integrates into an existing website and allows members to book and pay for classes and memberships online. This same portal can be connected with your Facebook page, so members can book and pay straight from your gym or studio’s Facebook page.

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Glofox is a gym and studio management software for owners who want to save time, drive revenue and keep members coming through the door. What Glofox does is to close down the gap between the members and management of studios, making things way simpler for your business. If you’re struggling to manage gym attendance, it may be just the right tool you need.

With this software, you get to look at the most important variables for your business in one window making it easier to manage you day to day affairs at the club.

Glofox has customers across more than 20 countries including America, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. It has been used by some of the well known names in the fitness industry worldwide which tells much about the efficiency of its services.

Glofox is a modern, easy-to-use, and very flexible system. It encompasses all the smart automations that gym and studio owners need to manage members, bookings, payments, schedules and memberships with ease. In such way, the admin gets to save more time, and focus on more important activities.

What is more, Glofox is customizable and focused on mobile usage, which means you get your very own mobile Member App, completely tailored to your brand’s style, all included as standard. All you have to do is send over your logo and the images you would like to use and our design team will work their magic. The end result – A completely unique mobile app for your members to book and pay for your classes, courses, memberships and even products in just a couple of taps. The very same app can be used by the admin to manage clients and personnel, and to monitor performance.

The payment process is also automated, and keeps you from reminding your clients every now and then regarding payments. This mode of payment can increase your revenue by 33% enabling you to expand your business if you wish so. On top of that, it is very secure and there are no chances of revenue loss.

Management becomes easier with Glofox. With everything in one place, you can monitor the operations through analytics and metrics. The interface is incredibly simple and brings to you everything you would want to see for your gym. It also allows you to manage your staff through notifications and other relevant services.

A mobile Glofox app is also available. It lets you keep an eye on things even when you’re not at the office. You can customize the app the way you want which is also a huge plus point.


  • Silver Plan– €80/month: Scheduling, Membership Management, Booking Management, Member Profiles, Payment Processing, Website Portal, Uniquely Branded Mobile App (iOS, Android – Accessible from within Glofox App), Reporting Builder, In-App Store and Push Notifications
  • Gold Plan –  €105/month: All Silver Plan Features, Advanced Push Notification Filtering, Advanced Report Builder and Integrations
  • Platinum Plan – €170/month: All Gold Plan Features, Uniquely Branded Mobile App (iOS, Android – Downloadable from the App/Play Store by searching for your business name.)

4. Virtuagym

Virtuagym is a cloud-based membership management and coaching platform. The product enables users to plan workouts and track the nutrition needs of their customers. Virtuagym primarily caters to health and fitness clubs, personal trainers, physical therapists and class instructors.

Virtuagym enables fitness clubs to perform functions such as billing and invoicing, scheduling trainings, tracking staff attendance, monitoring member check-ins and collecting online payments.

Virtuagym helps fitness trainers and instructors create workout plans for customers, share plans with customers on their preferred devices, set fitness goals and track their progress on the results achieved.

The system also enables customers to sell their products online through its platform, which can be automatically integrated with income reports.

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Virtuagym offers mobile apps for iOS and Android phones. It also offers a community portal. This product offers online learning modules for staff training and enables data import from any source.


  • For Personal Coaches: Starting at $39/month
  • For Fitness Clubs: Starting at$ 69/month

5. Solaris Fitness Cloud

Solaris Fitness Cloud is a cloud-based gym management solution for gyms and clubs of all sizes. Key features include attendance tracking, business reporting, scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and access control.

Solaris Fitness Cloud enables users to track member attendance through manual entry or magnetic swiping at kiosks. Users can create and edit schedules for classes and employees. The solution can generate automated reports and graphical displays of business performance.

Solaris Fitness Cloud includes a marketing module that is able to deliver offers or announcements to customers by automated emails and SMS messages. Users can import their data to the solution from their previous systems or Excel sheets for free.

It also includes financial reporting technology, enabling users to monitor business performance quickly and accurately.

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This gym management software is equipped with an online booking system, allowing customers to plan classes and meetings conveniently from any internet-enabled device.

Another key feature is that Users can automate email marketing operations, helping users to find new customers as well as stay connected to current customers.

And finally, Solaris Fitness Cloud utilizes Amazon Web Services, giving users a reliable and secure platform from which to host and manage their data.

Price: Contact for more information here.

These above are top 5 most effective gym management software programs that are popular and widely used in most gyms, studios and even schools

Top 5 Best Gym Management Software Programs in 2018