F.Y.I – Treat You Better with Top 7 Home Healthcare Service in 2018

Home healthcare devices have become such a vital part of modern healthcare that practically no diagnosis or treatment is possible without them. According to the WHO, there are about 1.5 million medical devices available today, ranging from low-cost devices like the thermometer and stethoscope to expensive, highly sophisticated devices like MRI and chemotherapy machines. With the increasing complexity and connectivity of medical devices, the role of medical device software development is becoming more crucial.

Medical software applications are designed to give devices a range of functionalities. For example, in addition to enabling a device to interact with the human body, a device could perform a host of other functions such as measuring blood sugar levels, monitoring heart rate and dispensing medication. Today’s medical devices are also capable of communicating with each other wirelessly and over the internet to other devices and applications, magnifying the importance of software to process and display accurate information for various users. Especially, when we have home healthcare software, we can control all our health’s indicators, which not only figures out the disease early, but play significant roles in diseases’ treatment as well. That’s why I composed this article to list out top 5 home healthcare software that should be trusted.

  1. MatrixCare

MatrixCare Home Care Solutions group (formerly Soneto), has focused on the needs of Home Care agencies since 1999, supporting more than 2,000 offices across the nation. Formerly known as Soneto, this web-based solution is designed to streamline the operations of Private Duty, Medicare and Medicaid clients.

MatrixCare’s Home Care solution eliminates redundant data entry and streamlines recurring tasks such as scheduling, payroll and billing in the office. Integrated CRM and follow-up reminders assist in tracking conversions by referral sources and marketing campaigns.

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MatrixCare captures visit information via smartphone or telephony, task tracking, visit notes, and assessments, reducing calls to the office. The system keeps staff connected with announcements, reminders, activity tracking, notifications, and warnings.

MatrixCare’s scalable solution offers flexible licensing options that scale down as an organization grows. Users can access live support by phone or through the online client portal.

  1. AxisCare Software

Established by home care professionals, AxisCare Home Care Software provides a system designed with the workflow of a private duty agency in mind. AxisCare provides a scheduling software solution that features a GPS Mobile App, automatic invoicing, billing and payroll integrations, custom forms, reporting, and more.

AxisCare can be used on any web browser and any operating system, even on phones and tablets. Within the system, the telephony tool enables caregivers to check in and out from a client’s home via cell phone or the client’s home phone. Notifications are available via email and text; the system can send a notification if a caregiver is running late, helping to maximize communication between the caregiver and the office.

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Additionally, the marketing module can integrate with most popular email providers (Google, Apple, Outlook), and the scheduling module offers real-time calendars that alert users of things like double appointment bookings and caregiver overtime. Businesses can track their ROI on advertising, increase lead conversion, create campaigns, and more.

  1. ClearCare

Thsi home healthcare app offers a complete solution for private duty home care agencies that effectively manages the entire business, from client-facing functions to the back end. In addition to point of care capabilities, ClearCare also offers proprietary scheduling and telephony tools, as well as HR and financials, applicant management, sales management, and CRM.

ClearCare helps streamline care planning and automate back office tasks, eliminating paper care journals, time-consuming billing practices, and ineffective communication with staff, patients, and their families.

By integrating all office functions into a single user-friendly, highly-accessible web-based system, caregivers can quickly and easily manage their schedules, tasks, and any critical situations that need immediate attention.

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ClearCare offers 24/7 access to the software from any media with an Internet connection, including computers, smart phones, and tablets (such as the iPad). Caregiver and family portals, provide transparency by giving everyone real-time access to care plans and other important information. The software’s proprietary two-way messaging system also helps agencies quickly fill open shifts and communicate with staff in the field.

There are no setup or annual fees and there’s no software to install. Agencies pay a monthly fee per active client. ClearCare is suited for private duty agencies of all sizes, including national or regional companies with multiple locations.

  1. Rosemark

Rosemark Home Care Management by Shoshana Technologies is a cloud-based home healthcare solution for organizations in the homecare industry. The solution offers applications to keep track of patient information, billing, scheduling, marketing and client retention.

Rosemark’s scheduling module is at the core and offers visibility over the color-coded calendars, skills matching, mapping and caregiver exclusions. Shift orders can be sent out from the solution to field staff via text. Billing and Payroll are integrated into the solution and connect seamlessly with QuickBooks. Invoices can be generated directly from the schedule.

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Rosemark’s task menu helps office staff stay organized. Caregivers can access their schedules online and stay up to date on any changes in real-time. Management reports track information on caregivers, client retention, marketing, revenue, payroll and more. The solution is also accessible remotely via different mobile devices.

Services are offered on a pay-as-you-go pricing model that includes support via phone, online community and through other online resources.

  1. CareVoyant

CareVoyant for Home Care is an integrated cloud-based solution offering intake, scheduling, clinical, point of care, billing, and HR. The system is suitable for home care agencies providing private duty nursing (Pediatric and Adult with eMAR, eTAR needs), personal care and Medicare services.

CareVoyant supports agencies to handle multiple types of service offerings with complex reimbursement arrangements with Medicaid and insurances. It also handles shift split, shift differential, overtime with payroll interface. Information flows between intake, scheduling, clinical notes, and billing eliminating duplicate data entry. It provides tools to improve patient care and agency workflow while maintaining compliance. Plan of Care and OASIS are created from the data collected at POC. Care Plans are also linked back to follow-up visits, further ensuring compliance.

CareVoyant’s open architecture provides customers scalability and flexibility. Staff can modify forms and assessments while creating custom triggers, alerts, and reports.

  1. HEALTHCAREfirst

HEALTHCAREfirst offers cloud-based agency management solutions designed specifically for home health and hospice care. They offer tools to manage all facets of a home health and hospice business such as scheduling, patient care, clinical documentation, billing, payroll and regulatory compliance including OASIS, Hospice Item Set and CAHPS.

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The home health solution features CAREpliance™ technology, a clinical workflow that follows standard patient care processes, directing focus on patients and not documentation. Clinicians are equipped with evidence-based guidance at the point of care. When problems are identified in the assessment, the system suggests goals and interventions, allowing the clinician to customize the care plan and build a story for the patient.

Support includes assignment of a cross-functional success and support team, on-site training and ongoing support by email, online chat or telephone.

  1. ContinuLink

ContinuLink is a comprehensive web-based solution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses in the home care industry. It’s one of the only web-based solutions on the market today that can handle the complex billing requirements of Medicaid, Medicare, commercial insurers and private pay equally.

With ContinuLink, skilled and non-skilled home care and private duty agencies alike can streamline agency operations, increase profitability and improve compliance, all while delivering the highest level of care. The software is extremely scalable and can support a patient census or agency of any size. We really like that it’s intuitive enough that a small agency wouldn’t be intimidated by its toolset; the software isn’t bloated with unnecessary features.

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Because ContinuLink is a web-based solution, it can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection, including smartphones. This anytime, anywhere accessibility ensures that every member of the team stays connected, even when they’re out in the field.

Some of the features included in the software include specially designed Point of Care devices, integrated telephony and Google Maps, a portal for both family and caregivers and robust billing applications, to name a few. In addition to Point of Care, billing and scheduling, ContinuLink also includes functions for managing HR records like licenses and certifications.

ContinuLink is a great fit for agencies looking to better manage patient care at every step.

These above are top 7 home healthcare service that you should choose for your family.






F.Y.I – Treat You Better with Top 7 Home Healthcare Service in 2018