Best Spanish Course on Udemy to learn and sing Spanish songs

Another Spanish song rules the Billboard chart for weeks again. The time for Spanish language has come?

That played-everywhere-something-cito song is now the hottest song of summer 2017. It makes people dance and sing along even though they may not understand anything.


…hm..brrr……. despacito

Para hm…mmm……. burrito


Does it sound familiar to you? I’m sure you have seen at least one person try to sing or dance along that song, or you have heard that melody several times. Yes, that’s it, Despacito.

“Despacito” is so hot that it reached No. 1 on the US Hot Latin Songs chart on February 18, 2017 and remained there for 22 consecutive weeks. Several weeks after the release of its remix featuring Justin Bieber, the single reached No. 1 on the Hot 100 for the week ending May 27, 2017. As of July 10, it has topped the chart for nine consecutive weeks.

This is not the first time a Spanish song got this hot. Do you still remember back in 2014 and 2015, there was another catchy song that also got everyone dance and sing along called Bailando? It wasn’t just a hot song, it was also a record-breaker.

If you notice, most of Spanish songs have the Latin feel with catchy melody that makes people feel comfortable singing along and then just want to shake their body. Spanish songs are amazing, is learning Spanish amazing as well?

Spanish is listed among the easiest languages to learn if you are fluent in English. It is even easier if you can speak Italian or French.  Spanish shares many cognates with English which most originate from Latin. These words could easily be figured out by monolingual English speakers if written and also the reverse is true. Also, Spanish is very staccato and it’s pronounced the way it’s spelled. Spanish has a limited sound system and strong vowels which can be easily heard on a sentence if spoken clearly. Seems not a hassle doesn’t it?

Language is the tool for thinking and communicating. It connects people. Studying languages is always considered a very good method for your brain to exercise. For this reason, there are more and more languages center, university majors, online sites that help everyone study foreign languages, and with the internet, finding a forum to ask or practice is just on the tips of your finger. Studying languages has never been this convenient. And if you decide to study Spanish by yourself, there are plenty of choices: Youtube, Duolingo, Memrises. However, if you want something like a course with a course outline and an instructor but you can’t manage to enroll for a course at a local Spanish English center, you should consider online courses. Here are some of the best Udemy courses for learning Spanish:

Best Spanish courses on Udemy:

For beginners:

Learn Spanish Language: Complete Spanish Course – Beginners: Enroll Complete Spanish Course – Beginners

–       Spanish Made Easy (Beginners): Enroll Spanish Made Easy Course

–       Spanish for Beginners: Enroll Spanish for Beginner Course 

From basic to advanced:

–       Spanish 1-4: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced: Enroll Spanish 101 Advanced

–       Conversational Spanish Made Easy (best-selling): Enroll Conversational Spanish Made Easy

Reason why I recommend Udemy courses for studying Spanish online:  

Udemy is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults. You can learn from an extensive library of over 55,000 courses taught by expert instructors. There are various of courses in different fields. In the language field, Spanish to be exact, the courses are divided into different levels: from basic to advanced. They also offer discount now, all Udemy courses can be purchased with $15. If you want to try studying a new language, I think the chance has come.

Best Spanish Course on Udemy to learn and sing Spanish songs