Earth Class Mail review 2018: Is the best virtual address and mail forwarding service?

Earth Class Mail is the service that allows us to scan our snail mail and view it online the same way we view our email.  Let’s read my review to have a more overall view about this service.

Why we use this service?

Many people today traveling a lot, even everyday either for business or pleasure and they would like to get their mail from wherever they are. There is something for travelers and online business people who want the ability to have a virtual mailbox with new mail scanning technologically. These are advanced companies that scan your mail and put it online for you to review. Originally, there was only mail forwarding offered through the USPS. So every time you went out of town, you had to go into the Post Office and fill out a form to have your mail sent to you wherever you were. This was not convenient at all for those who were on the road a lot, or for those in RV’s who moved around a lot.


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And that’s when someone had the idea that just maybe postal mail (or snail mail as we like to call it), could be scanned and images put online to view. Almost everyone was getting used to reading PDF files that were created electronically for reading things online, so this seemed to be the answer to one of the biggest problems travelers faced. And actually, mail scanning does just that – it puts your document into a PDF version so it can be viewed clearly.

When you are setting up your virtual address, you will have the choice of selecting either a PO Box or a Street address. This choice is up to you but remember that some companies have a better selection of Street addresses for you to choose from – and they all come with a different upgrade price tag.

Secure Mail Scanning

Mail scanning is the only way companies can offer online mailboxes, so you have to make sure that your company possesses a high quality color scanner to feel like you’re reading your mail just as if it came into your home mailbox.

Postal Service Forwarding to Anywhere in the World

If you need your actual mail forwarded the company will do that for you at a reasonable cost. This is one area that you may want to compare a little more thoroughly since you probably may not know initially how much actual mail you will want to get your hands on.

Check Deposit Capability

Determine if the company deposits check that come in the mail or if you will need to have them forwarded to you. This is another consideration to contemplate when you’re reviewing the fees associated with each service. If you have to have checks sent to your location, it may be a while before you get them. Most forwarding mail companies do offer this service – unless they only offer package forwarding.


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Receive Faxes

It might be a good idea to see if the company you choose can receive faxes. This could come in handy every now and then for urgent matters. These faxes should also be scanned and put into your online mailbox.
If you’re a small business owner and would like to choose a prestigious street address and allow a few of your associates to also have an online mailbox, you might be better off going with Earth Class Mail. They have the most address selections available in a variety of cities, and also offer a lower-cost PO Boxes in those cities. The only thing we would warn of is that the upgrades can add a lot to your monthly fee!

What is Earth Class Mail?

Earth Class Mail is one of the oldest mail scanning & forwarding service companies. They offer real addresses to registered business plus marquee locations. They receive mail and packages, and deliver scans in PDF with full-text search enabled. They also offer other services, like a virtual mail room and virtual warehouse, which is designed to help you streamline your business model, essentially saving you on needless expenses and making it so you can be more mobile. Most people just want to know if this is a secure way to get their mail and packages, or if there are better alternatives out there that have better reviews and cost less.

Their goal is to provide an address with virtual mail solutions. These services include scanning and storing digital copies of your available mail in four plans starting at $99 per month, which is a high monthly expense, even for a desirable street address. Their second tier plan, the “Startup“, is $249 per month.

Mail forwarding services have been around for quite a while, and with the emergence of the Internet they’ve been able to offer more and more services that they weren’t able to offer in the past. When the Internet first came out the thought was that mail was dead, and while the USPS has seen a steady decline there is still plenty of mail circulating the planet, and packages as well as FedEx and UPS show no signs of slowing down.

The Cost
You can choose between two service levels for their virtual mailbox service. One is at $20 per month and is referred to as the Essential level. The other is called Elite and is twice the price. For the extra expenditure you’re able to have an unlimited number of users and an unlimited number of business names associated with the account.


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Easy, safe, and secure to use are my experience in Earth Class Mail. There have been plenty of people that have tried out Earth Class Mail and have reported back on whether or not it works, and if there are any drawbacks to using it. I read a lot of reviews and found no complaints about how the service works as far as whether or not you’ll receive items that are sent to you, there are a few gripes about parts of the service that can’t really be changed by the folks at ECM.

For me, the Earth Class Mail service definitely works, and you can receive mail and packages from all over the world to one unique address. There are concerns with the ease of stopping the service, and a few privacy concerns about how the mail gets scanned to the online format, but aside from those the underlying service appears solid, and on par with other mail forwarding services out there.

One thing to note is that they have been making regular changes and updates to their service in an attempt to stay competitive and improve their offering based on consumer feedback. This is an important tool for any company you do business with.


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If you’re in need of mail forwarding and want a fully-featured service that makes it so you can access your mail from virtually anywhere, this deserves a trial run. It might also be a good idea to run a needs analysis on whether it is worth paying the fee to access your mail or if there are other ways for you to go paperless and not have to worry about it. Most important mail that gets delivered such as bank statements have online options you can choose. It could be a way to optimize your business expenses if you make it a priority to reduce your dependence on actual mail.

These above is my experience on the Earth Class Mail. Hope it can be helpful

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Earth Class Mail review 2018: Is the best virtual address and mail forwarding service?