ExpressVPN review and speed test 03/2017

After being impressed by the intensive experience with ExpressVPN, i decide to make ExpressVPN Review to share this amazing experience with you. Actually, Express VPN service has the quite high price compared to other VPN services so some users maybe wonder about whether they should purchase or not. However, the truth is that “ although you have to pay money to use, you get the great experience with the best service”.

ExpressVPN reviews 2017 speed test

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In this ExpressVPN Review, let me show you some remarkable features which help people watch video from anywhere on Earth at blazing fast speeds and access to any website or app on the internet with a VPN proxy. Adding to this, I also mention about its price and security system as well as the way how to set up Express VPN service.

Firstly, you might know that ExpressVPN – the best VPN service is a British Virgin Islands – based VPN provider which might be one of the leading VPN service companies in the world.

And then the below information is the key things i would like to highlight:

ExpressVPN Review: Main features

Express VPN reviews speed test 2017

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Support multi-platform access (Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Routers and Linux) with excellent speed

Have large servers in 94 countries including a wide range of more unusual and exotic locations

Express VPN reviews 2017 china vpn

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Use the most favorable protocol – OpenVPN over UDP. Users can also get other options including OpenVPN over TDP, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and SSTP.

Free Smart DNS service

Great OpenVPN encryption & DNS leak and WebRTC protection

Work with US Netflix and iPlayer

Besides,  ExpressVPN is also strongly guaranteed by having a highly responsive 24/7 customer service, no quibbles 30-day money-back guarantee and especially using three simultaneous connections.

ExpressVPN Review: Security

Express VPN security reviews 2017

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To encrypt all OpenVPN traffic – the default protocol, ExpressVPN currently uses several OpenVPN encryptions including AES-256-cipher with RSA-4096 handshake, TLSv1.2 and SHA-512 HMAC which strongly prevent DNS leaks in the process of connecting and hide IP address. As a result, your online privacy can be completely safe from hackers and spies.

In addition, the Express VPN’s app is newly added a “Network lock” feature that effectively functions as a kill switch by halting all internet traffic when the connection to the VPN drops.

Except for viewing connection logs in case your computer gets troubles, normally, ExpressVPN does not keep activity logs so you can be free to use it in any way you want. Even ExpressVPN does not keep logs of private IP address, connection time as well as other connections of users.

Aside from theses, ExpressVPN also supports the connection of P2P (Peer-to-peer)

ExpressVPN Review: Setting process

With the newest interface, it is truly easy for you to register ExpressVPN.

In the first step, you just need to sign up via the use of a valid email address. Even in some cases you still can use a disposable email address to register anonymously.

After signup, you can immediately download and install the VPN client by inputting an activation code with several seconds.  Of course, you can see this code on a link of a web page mentioned in your confirmation email. Furthermore, in this email, all available links containing a number of useful data for setting up service will be included.

ExpressVPN Review: Pricing

Based on the solid reliability, ExpressVPN is highly valued as the best VPN service compared to other ones in spite of the quite high price with the basic monthly price of approximately $12.95. However, in case you purchase it annually, the price can be cut down to $8.32 per month. [Picture]

Additionally, instead of offering “ a free trial” for users, ExpressVPN decides to offer a no quibbles 30-day money-back guarantee. It means that within 30 days of using services, you can cancel any time to get back your money without any explanation.

With a variety of payment method, ExpressVPN accepts all payments by credit/debit card, PayPal and bitcoin, even international payment via the partnership with Paymentwall.

Get a ExpressVPN with 100% Money-Back Guarantee for your first 30 days of service. 


After all, I think that ExpressVPN has full of outstanding features to become the best VPN service such as: super customer service, excellent OpenVPN encryption, great speed performance and technical security as well as free smart DNS service. You can see the differences between ExpressVPN and NordVPN here.

In personal view, I am little concerned about minimal aggregated connection logs that cause issues for some privacy. However, it seems that in reality, connection logs make very little threat to users, as a result, I still see that ExpressVPN is a smart program as well as the best choice for most users in the world. Or click here to see the list of top most secure VPN services.

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ExpressVPN review and speed test 03/2017