Free Udemy Course: Top 5 Most Popular Courses

Obviously, Udemy is the largest community of online learners with nearly 27 million people in 196 countries (in 2016) enrolled to learn with them over 14,000 instructors teaching in 48 different languages. Their fastest growing categories by enrollment were test preparation; IT & software; languages; photography; and development/coding. Besides paid courses, Udemy also offers a lot of free courses or free trial to enable users and learners to experience whether the course suits them. And here are a top free Udemy course, which is free and most popular on this famous online learning platform. Just choose your favorite course and start upgrade yourself.

1. Introduction to Web Development For Complete Beginners

This is one of the most popular free Udemy courses as. Programming is the process of writing a set of instructions known as code for the computer to perform a task or series of task. Learning to program is a useful and enjoyable skill to have. Programming allows us to solve various types of problems.


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In this beginners course we will start with the basic front end languages which are HTML CSS and JAVASCRIPT. These three languages are collectively referred to as front end programming languages used to for web development and programming.

If you are thinking of becoming a web developer or just curious about how to build websites HTML is the language you will need to start with. Every website on the planet has been built structurally using HTML.
A website is built using a variety of technologies such as HTML which is used to create the structure ; then you have CSS or cascading style sheets which is used to style or make the website presentable. The third language you need is known as JavaScript which is responsible for the interactivity (This means the actions a visitor performs on a website e.g clicking on a button or completing a form) on the website .


  • Create HTML document structure
  • Indent html document
  • Add images to web page
  • Add css to webpage
  • Create online calculator
  • Create an interactive quiz
  • Create a TodoList App
  • Create an image slider
  • Create variables
  • Create functioms

Especially, during the course, we will create some projects together: Calculator, Digital Clock, Interactive Quiz, Image slider, Tip calculator, TodoList and Math Addition Game.

  • Lectures 89
  • Length 5 hours
  • Skill Levels Beginner Levels
  • Languages English
  • Published 9/2017
  • Price: $200 – 100% discount –> Free

2.  Mind Power  –  Change Your Thought Process To Change Your Life

This can be my life-saving course when I feel really stressful and disappointed after attending the university that I wasn’t interested, but it was my parents’ dream. But after learning some paid and free Udemy courses related to mind-changing and positive-thinking, especially this courses, I change a lot. I can control my thought process for emotional well-being, I learn to differentiate between un-healthy thoughts and learn to eliminate or stop the unfruitful thoughts. I have more passion on my university and the determination to pursue my dream job by learning other things outside the university. And now I really feel comfortable.


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Obviously, changing thought process isn’t easy. Despite what some authors and speakers tell us, deeply ingrained beliefs aren’t going to disappear with one magical technique or method. But if our happiness and success is important to us it can be done.

In this course, we will learn the complete ‘blueprint’ to free ourself from the tyranny of thoughts that limit our achievement. The aim of this course is to be thought-provoking and this in return will help us become aware of our thinking pattern and to control our thoughts instead of being controlled by them.

  • Lectures 21
  • Length 5 hours
  • Skill Levels Beginner Levels
  • Languages English
  • Published 7/2017
  • Price: Free

3. 10 FREE Blogging Tools That Will Make You a Better Blogger

Have you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to attract thousands of readers with their blogs? Wonder how they get published at places like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed? These writers know something you don’t… but the good news is that you can learn it, too.

When attending this free Udemy course, learners can generate blog topics that will attract more and more readers by creating attractive blog headlines, capturing and organizing blog ideas, downloading free professional photos for our blog, creating on-trend graphics for our blog & social media profiles, analyzing headline options to find the most effective option, as well as setting up alerts for any time our blog is shared online

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I’ve spent the several years searching for and discovering these tools the hard way. And I’ll be transparent with you, you can search and find these tools on your own. But I can guarantee all of you that this course will take you longer and you’ll run the danger of falling even father behind. I want to help you take a shortcut and hit the ground running, and more importantly get ahead of the pack and boost your blogging productivity.

  • Lectures 12
  • Length 33 mins
  • Skill Levels Beginner Levels
  • Languages English
  • Published 9/2017
  • Price: Free

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4. JavaScript Complete for Beginners with real world JS Apps

JavaScript is very powerful programming client side language that added a life into modern websites and hardware equipment. It is the essential language that modern developers need to know. Truly knowing JavaScript will get us a great job, and enable us to build quality web and server applications. That is one of the reasons why this free course is favorable and popular on Udemy.


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  • JavaScript Complete Syntax and Building blocks
  • Building Real World small but practical javascript Applications
  • Better understanding of DOM ( Document object Model )
  • Working with Javascript Events
  • Jquery Quick Starter Kit for FREE
  • Students can Start applying their learned skills in the real world.
  • Grasp how Javascript works and it’s fundamental concepts
  • Understand any type of JS script easily
  • Learn how to Implement your own logic in JS
  • Avoid common coding problems and mistakes other Javascript coders make

This course is for absolute beginners or web designers (who dont know anything about JS) or students who never created a single Application in Javascript. This course will teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand what JavaScript is, learn how JavaScript works, and how to implement it in your web from scratch. Learners will have a very good grip on Java Script once you go through these Tutorials. Everything has been explained in such a way that everyone can easily understand it easily.It has been explained in a way that you nothing and its your starting about Java Script.

  • Lectures 19
  • Length 5 hours
  • Skill Levels Beginner Levels
  • Languages English
  • Published 9/2017
  • Price: $120 – 100% Discount –> Free

5. Easy Video Making Explaindio Video Creator Tutorial

This is also one of the popular, but free Udemy courses on this famous online learning platform. It is designed for anyone having passion for creating videos with high quality, with Explaindio video creation software. After the courses, we can understand how easy it is to create a video and then develop high quality videos for any purpose like video marketing, Youtube promotions, Presentations or Selling videos to clients. We will learn step by step instructions in how to use the software.


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If you want to learn to create videos, this software is highly effective in producing slide type videos. Also during the course, learners will access to create professional videos, quickly make a video, understand how to make videos with explaindio, learn tips for using explaindio, make videos in minutes, use offline video creation, create amazing slide shows, know how to make a business spresentation or create videos for reviewing of products

Now with the new version of Explaindio there is so much more you can do such as promotional videos for products ,  product reviews , business presentations,  sales videos , YouTube videos  and of course videos making and much more.

Additionally, more views and longer audience view times are what every video creator wants. And this free course will teach us how to use one of the premire Whiteboard and animation video Creation software products available.

  • Lectures: 22
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Skill Levels: Beginner Level
  • Languages: English
  • Published: 11/2015
  • Price: $20 – 100% discount –> Free

These above are top 5 free Udemy courses. Each course will benefit us in some ways, let’s try to explore to acquire and improve our skills, our confidence, our mental health and well-being. 

For more useful Udemy courses with huge discount, just visit Udemy 200 popular online courses or best development courses on Udemy.

Free Udemy Course: Top 5 Most Popular Courses