My experience with Kaspersky Internet Security after the attack of viruses

Whenever you buy something new you will always check it out first since you always want to use your money reasonably. So do I. When my laptop starts to work slower and more ineffective I try to find out what has happened to my laptop.

The story of how my laptop yearned for protection

Once time I when I was writing my lesson plans for teaching, my laptop went frozen for a few minutes then it went back to normal. I didn’t really notice until it happened more frequently. I tried to restart the computer to check whether it’s okie or not. Unfortunately, it’s frozen and I can’t turn it off till my laptop ran out of  battery. I was very worried since my laptop has a lot of important information and pictures which I have taken for several years. After being out of battery, I charged my laptop to checked whether it would work or didn’t work at all. Lucky me, it worked and then I checked the information and my pictures. Seeing my materials still good in my laptop. I tried to open Norton antivirus to protect my laptop but it didn’t work at all. It did a scan; however, no virus can be found to reduce the harm. Therefore I contacted my friend who studies IT.

My friend’s suggestion 

He suggested me use Kaspersky Internet Security because Kaspersky Internet Security keeps sensitive information protected. Bank, shop and surf online in safety with effective, hassle-free protection that has no visible effect on performance of your devices. It is also much better than Norton, especially cheaper and I won’t be disappointed later.

My decision

After considering for a while, I decided to buy Kaspersky Internet Security a couple of weeks ago.

How to get KIS and how it works

I bought the Kaspersky Internet Security CD from store then I installed it in my laptop. It asked me to uninstall the previous antivirus program. I just followed its direction. After finishing the installation, I click on KIS icon and then it showed up a content and I chose to scan my laptop. It took me about 1 hour to go throughout my files on my laptop since I have bunch of files. Kaspersky Internet Security started a little bit slow but then ran faster and scan through all the files I have in my laptop. It gave me some notifications about the hidden viruses which the previous antivirus program couldn’t find out and asked me whether I want to delete them or keep them in another protection file in my laptop. Those files are easy to get again so I decided to delete it all.  

Conclusion from my experience

Kaspersky Internet Security is a very good product. I can feel that my laptop runs abviously faster and whenever I get access to the internet I can see that it protects me from potential threads by letting me know whether it is safe or unsafe to follow that link. I feel it much better than the previous one,exactly like what my friend told me so I am here to highly recommend this one to you.

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My experience with Kaspersky Internet Security after the attack of viruses