KeyCDN review 2017- really fast and affordable

KeyCDN review – last updated on April 2017.

CDN – what is it and what can it do? If you’re a website manager, there are many things which make you worry about. But I’m sure that one of that is how to deliver your contents to the customer. So do I. Because this is one of the most significant factors to keep the user. And CDN has become the best solution to this problem. However, there have been many companies providing CDN for you. And maybe you will have one question that whose service you should choose. OK! I’ll help you answer by showing you one provider that I have been using. Before telling about it, let’s take a little look at CDN.KeyCDN review 2017


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What is CDN?

For many people, CDN isn’t a strange thing. Nevertheless, there are also many ones who don’t know what it is. So let’s have a definition of it: A CDN (Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network) is a system of strategically positioned servers around the globe. These servers maintain and accelerate your content. The main goals of a CDN are about speed, scalability and high-availability.

Why do you need CDN?

When a service wants to be used, you will have to pay to use it. CDN isn’t an exception. This means you have to consider its benefit.  When I made my site, I felt pleased that I had visitors and the number of them increased in the beginning stage. But you know what? The number of them started to decrease in the next 6 months. I didn’t know why it happened while I really tried to improve the quality my website all days. I tried finding what affected mine. And finally, I found it. The reason was the speed of accessing. It was slow especially with the customers who come from US. I felt so disappointed. I asked many people for the solution of problem. And they talked to me about CDN. I studied about it and decided to use it. And wow…! The speed of my site raised surprisingly. Of course, I had to pay the charge to use. But I believe that CDN is the best answer if you are finding the way to enhance your quality of site and have a large number of visitors. CDN can do that because a request from a user will always be routed to the nearest point of presence (POP). User’s distance to these servers has an impact on loading time. A closer and highly performing POP will significantly improve user experience as a result of reduced loading time, lower latency and minimized package loss. CDN will also help you cut your operational cost.   

KeyCDN – a brief review

You know the importance of CDN. You decide to use it and want to choose a provider. As deciding to use service of a CDN provider, I think most of us will have 3 questions: Which features does it support? The price of service provider? And where does that CDN provider have data center? You have too much choice and don’t know how to make decision. So do I. I used the service of many providers. I don’t remember the number exactly. It’s about 3 or 4. At the present, I am using CDN of a provider from Swiss. And today, I’ll introduce it to you. It’s called KeyCDN. KeyCDN was launched in midle 2014. Being seen as one of the cheapest provider, however, its quality of service is very great. Especially, its number of data centers are up to 25. You can see the details below:
KeyCDN review - CDN location center

KeyCDN has the data centers in Asia. This is really important to me ‘cause I come from Asia and in my opinion, many people feel the same. It’s also one of the most significant reasons for me to choose this provider. There are ones don’t have centers in Asia. This maybe a minus point for them. But not only the data center, there are many reasons why I choose KeyCDN. And I will tell you each one of them.

KeyCDN review


KeyCDN has full of features as the other providers do in spite of its price. Uhm… I can tell you some of them. If you would like more details, you can see the picture below

  • Pull CDN – a basic type of CDN
  • Push CDN: you can upload a file folder directly to CDN server
  • VoD: CDN for video content
  • Live Streaming CDN: CDN for Streaming

For my site, it doesn’t need any too advanced functions. However, Pull CDN and VoD CDN are what I need very much. Pull CDN is the basic type. I can pull my contents from my main domain. Meanwhile, videos are the most important. They may take over 70% of which are uploaded on my site. I think you know why I need CDN now.

  • Real- Time Statistics: When you are user of KeyCDN by creating profile and selecting package, you will easily manage dashboard where you can manage the details of your site and keep a track of use. This dashboard made me the manage effectively. Not only dashboard, but KeyCDN also have real- time statistics which reports all the information about the use, traffic, etc. This really helps me a lot to keep updated about the services I am using. I am always able to update about my site. What I upload, the amount of traffic is always shown very clearly on the dashboard. Before using KeyCDN, I used CDN of the other providers. Nevertheless, they didn’t have this. I couldn’t know about the status of my site. It annoyed me so much. This is what I really need. And maybe so do you!
  • Creat Sub User: you can make sub accounts for many users to manage one CDN account together. I manage my site with many friends. I really can’t do that by myself. Therefore, it is so necessary that I can have some assistance. However, if many people run together without separation, it is really a mess. So KeyCDN assisted me in the website. Each of my friends has an account with the site. But what is greater is that each of us manages an own zone to operate. Really awsome!

KeyCDN review


Actually, this maybe one of the most significant factors to choose a provider. And KeyCDN will not disappoint you. It has price which is up to your amount of traffic. If you use less than 10TB/ month, you will only have to be charged at $0.04/ GB/ month. Of course, the more you use, the cheaper the charge is. Try calculating. For example, my site needs 300GB traffic in a month, it means that I only have to pay 300* 0.04= $12/ month. I had used Amazon CloudFront before KeyCDN. I had been lucky that it had data centers in Asia. They are different from KeyCDN because they are separated in the different countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Philipines, etc. On the other hand, the price is the same. Then I had had to pay $42/ month. And I had had to do that for a long time before finding out KeyCDN. I saved the cost very very much. In addition to that, I had been charged for HTTP requests. So I had to cost approximately $60/ month as using the service of Amazon. While I didn’t have to pay anything for HTTP requests. It is free.

KeyCDN review 2017 - Pricing

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KeyCDN review

Pay As You Go

Not only free, but the method of payment of KeyCDN is also great. It is Pay As You Go. You only pay to what you use while there is no minimum payment or commitment. I had chance to use the CDN of famous providers. MaxCDN is one of them. But what had stopped me using it is not only the price but also the method of payment. I had paid at least $9/ month to use service. But that price is only for package of 1TB. In many months, I had needed more than 1TB for my site, I hadn’t known how to do. I had been really confused. This was the reason why I didn’t use MaxCDN. How to pay on KeyCDN is really convenient for me. Not only that, I can also pay through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal. So amazing!

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KeyCDN review

How to use KeyCDN

It’s really very easy to use. KeyCDN has free trial option for you, you can start the services for your site without any payment. After that, if you feel satisfied with it, you can decide to add more funds to your account. Once your account are signed up, you need to activate it and then, you get to the dashboard. You have to create s pull zone to add a site. Below is the process of it:

  • Sign into your dashboard
  • Click on the Zones  
  • If you don’t have any zones, you need to create new one by clicking on New Zone
  • Input a Zone Name
  • Set your Zone Status to “active” and the Zone Type to “Pull
  • Enter the Origin URL
  • Save the zone

KeyCDN review

Integration with WordPress

If you want to connect KeyCDN with your site, you can use plugin. In this case, I will show you how to do with WP Super Cache: Go to Settings -> WP Super Cache -> CDN, tick on “ Enable CDN Support” and type CDN address in “ Off- site URL”.

Use your own sub- domain for CDN

It is default that your CDN address is But maybe you don’t like it and perhaps the users are able to realize that. So you can replace this one with a sub- domain such as

To make it, you go to dashboard and click on Zonealiases and click on New Zonealias. Then you choose Zone that needs creating sub-domain and type sub-domain.

Finally, you set Record type to “CNAME (Alias)” and type on Points to the subdomain.

KeyCDN review

Final Words

There are many CDN provider but why do I choose KeyCDN? The most important reason is that its price is so good and its quality of service is so amazing. It helps you do anything which the others can provide. It’s hard to find a provider that has big number of data centers like KeyCDN.

You also have nothing to lose because of its free trial option. With it, you can try the service before determining whether to cost more for it. And I’m sure that KeyCDN will not disappoint you with what you cost. I hope you will enjoy it like I do!

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KeyCDN review 2017- really fast and affordable