The best ways to learn a new language as fast as babies

Everybody on Earth is fluent in at least one language (of course, their mother language) So we all know what it takes to learn at least one. When we were babies, we used to learn language fast by listening and repeating every day, then we move onto grammar and reading, writing. That is the most natural and effective way. However, it may vary depending on each person’s way of absorbing information and purpose of learning. It also depends on how different your mother language is to the language you’re going to learn. However, the effects of learning like a baby brings you is undeniable.

In order to learn a language fast, why shouldn’t we focus on grammar first?

It is always harder for adults to study a new language than for children. Being adults, they have been affected too much by their mother language. It may seem like a good thing when adults have pre-existing language knowledge. They already know how to make a sentence with a good sense of punctuation and spelling. However, they may use it in the language they’re learning as well. Also, in a conversation, they will be afraid of making grammar mistake. It takes them a lot of time to conjugate the words. If it keeps going on like that, you will get tired and bored of learning. Meanwhile if you can use what you’ve learned effectively, you’ll feel motivated. That’s why we should try to listen and repeat and remember some most used phrases first, use it in real life to keep you motivated, you learn a language to communicate, not to conjugate.

Keep listening and memorize new words every day. Once you’ve had a decent amount of words and phrases, we’ll move onto grammar.

What are the most effective ways to learn by listening, repeating and vocabulary?



A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can download and listen to. You can download some podcast spoken in the language you’re learning and keep it in your phone or mp3 player. Whenever you have time, on public transportation, at break time and so on, listen to it and repeat if you can. This means you can learn a language on the go or at anywhere, anytime you want.  When you listen, you’ll learn the pronunciation.

If you don’t know where to find good Podcasts, I suggest Innovative Language podcasts. All the podcasts are produced to high standards and structured in a way that helps you learn as much and as quickly as possible. Their lessons are divided into levels following the CERF scale. There are 35 languages for you to choose.

There are also other products for more advanced learners. For example, Android phone apps, iPhone and iPad apps, ibooks, PC Softwares.



A flashcard or flash card is a set of cards bearing information. A flashcard for studying foreign languages is usually like this: one side is the word, the other side is picture or the meaning and example of it.

You can either make a set of flashcards by yourself or download them online and print them out or buy them at some local bookstores, online,… always bring it with you and take a look whenever you have time. You can learn with flashcard on the go, whenever and wherever you want. Just like Podcasts but flashcards are used more for memorizing vocabulary.


Learning languages apps:

There are many apps to learn languages. The most well-knowns ones are Duolingo and Memrise. Both will make you laugh out loud. Studying can’t be any more fun with Memrise and Duolingo.


Online Courses:

If you want a fixed course to know exactly where you should go next and what level you’re at after finishing, you can easily find many online courses for learning languages with different methods. And don’t worry, there are courses focusing on listening and speaking.

If you love practicing with real people who speak the language you’re learning and want to learn the language you speak, is for you. Busuu is a combination of self-studying courses developed by experienced teachers and language practice environment with 60 million users.

If you want a real-world experience, you can take a look at FluentU turns real-world videos into courses your you. There are movie trailers, news, music videos, inspiring talks and so on. You will be surprised by the amount of their video contents and how detailed they are as they explain every word in the videos for you.

Udemy is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults. You can learn from an extensive library of over 55,000 courses taught by expert instructors. There are several languages courses at different levels and subjects for you to choose.

To sum up

Learning languages is like opening doors to different worlds as you learn the way people think in each language, you can gain more knowledge as you can understand more resources of information. You can also discover many many fun things like music, movies, TV shows, …

Anyway, if the language you want to learn is Italian or Spanish, you can check out my articles here about some best ways to learn Italian and Spanish online. Good luck!

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The best ways to learn a new language as fast as babies