NordVPN review 2017 – Does It Actually Protect Your Privacy?

Are you a gamer? Are you a researcher or a journalist? Do you like shopping online but you get annoyed by the shopping sites keeping tabs on you? Do you usually log on to public Wi-Fi? Do you download torrents? Do you simply want more security when browsing the Internet? If the answer is “yes”, it’s high time you needed a VPN. So what is VPN, how it works and whether it can guarantee the security? If you are still confused, let’s have a look at our review now.

What is VPN and why we need it?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to protect your online identity and data en route. In other words, it guarantees that what you send and receive is secured. When you connect to the internet, your Internet service provider or the owner of the network you’re connecting through can monitor or control what you do online. Because all the devices that connect to the internet need IP (Internet protocol). It’s like the address of your computer. Your IP reveals your location and other information (what kind of sites you visit, what you usually search and so on). For this reason, your Internet service provider and anyone that has knowledge about this can always track and record all the actions you perform.


VPN is the complete solution to all the problems you think of when you’re not protected and more. Your location and identity are protected, wherever you are and whichever public Wi-Fi hotspots you connect to. Who knows if “Free Airport Wi-Fi” is indeed from the airport or some bad guys just name their Wi-Fi hotspots so to spy on other people. Also you can view any geographically restricted websites from anywhere. It helps you avoid censorship and surveillance from any third party as well. In short, VPN protects you from hackers and digital thieves.

So you decided to use a VPN, which VPN service should you use and why?

Here are aspects to consider when choosing a VPN service:

  • Price
  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Number of connections
  • Customer support
  • Free trial and refund guarantee

Here, I gave you a review of NordVPN included all of the above.

NordVPN review:

NordVPN is another VPN client with a very simple-to-use interface, but it also has some nice features under the hood that the very security-conscious will also love.


Based in Panama, it’s great for privacy, NordVPN is outside the jurisdiction of the “14-eyes” group of security information sharing countries, and as you’d expect from a reputable VPN company in a crowded marketplace, there’s no logging of customer surfing habits.

You can connect to Netflix US using NordVPN, and with more than 1095 servers across 61 countries you’ll find that there’s a server suited to every need. There’s a new ad-blocker and malware protection feature available within the package too.

It’s not the cheapest of VPN options, but the premium interface, huge number of servers and variety of features makes that small extra fee each month feel worthwhile.


Let’s talk about NordVPN’s pricing policy first as it is concerned by almost every of us. NordVPN offers a three day trial but is is pretty convoluting to activate it and even more if you want to access the year trial.

NordVPN offers 3 plan options for you: the simple one (1 month plan) costs you 11,95USD/ month and it is billed monthly, the standard one (6 month plan) costs you 7USD/ month, which means 42USD billed every 6 months, you can save 41% if you go for this plan, the best one (1 year plan) costs you 5,75USD/ month, which means 69USD is billed annually, you can save 52% if you go for this option. And the bestest of all is that they are offering a 2 year plan promotion now. You can save 72% with this option as it costs you only 3.29USD/month.

NordVPN review Discount

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NordVPN accepts multiple methods of payment: credit card (of course), Pay Pal, even Bitcoin. NordVPN also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but only when the service doesn’t work.

NordVPN review


NordVPN features a well-designed, easy-to-use desktop app. For axample, it will ask you as you launch it for: Security, Streaming, P2P (torrents), or Anonymity. 

It simplifies things. You can choose to connect to a server by browsing a map or an alphabetical list, you can simply pick a country and then NordVPN finds the best server in that country. It doesn’t tell you in which city the server is located, which makes it harder to find a server you like upon subsequent VPN sessions. The app also does not provide a way to create a list of your favorites as you can with TigerVPN and VyprVPN. NordVPN has 927 servers in 57 countries at the time of this writing, which is a bit on the low side but certainly adequate.

The NordVPN Windows app supports only two VPN protocols: TCP and UDP. It supports L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2, but you’ll need to do a little legwork by following a NordVPN tutorial to use these protocols.  

Nord offers a kill switch too to shut down your Internet connection if the VPN gets disconnected.


Using any VPN adds limiting factors to your normal internet connection. Which means it will slow down a bit. However, the faster your VPN is, the closer you are to the maximum speed of your network. NordVPN’s maximum speeds might be a little slower than some rival providers. Low latency makes NordVPN a good choice, especially for gamers. However the average time to connect to a server is 13 seconds, you might find your patience tested a little should you change servers frequently as not every server is usable so you have to spend a while to look for a decent server.

 NordVPN Scurity and Privacy 

NordVPN is a no-log VPN based in Paname. Panama’s internet is completely uncensored with no government surveillance at all. Panama doesn’t have any flaw in data retention. Which means your data is completely safe. Actually, the mere fact that NordVPN is a no-logs VPN provider based in Panama makes it one of the best choices available for those whose primary concern is privacy and security.

Number of simultaneous connections

You can connect up to six devices simultaneously to the NordVPN servers using your account. However, the network router counts as one device so obviously you can in fact connect more if you’re at home. NordVPN also works on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

NordVPN review

Customer Care

By clicking Help on the upper right on NordVPN website, you can choose from several options:

NordVPN review

If your problem is not in the list you can either type your enquiry or contact them directly via live chat or email. Their live chat is active 24/7 however it may take a while for you to get the respond you want. 

NordVPN review 2017

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NordVPN review in short

If privacy and security is your primary concerns then NordVPN should be the best choice for you as the simple fact that NordVPN is based in Panama, a privacy-friendly country, makes it completely reliable. You can get it with a very encourage price as they are offering a promotion of 72% off for the 2 year plan. Their internet connection is very stable however on the downside the NordVPN internet connection speed is not high and you have to spend a while to look for a decent server to use, you have to deal with bugs sometimes and the customer support is not instant. Good thing is, it is a good opportunity for you to train your patience. You can connect with 6 devices at once and maybe more if your router is one of them. NordVPN gets nice comments from their customers and is also mentioned by some big names. Or click here to see the list of top most secure VPN services.

NordVPN review 2017

NordVPN deal:

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NordVPN review 2017 – Does It Actually Protect Your Privacy?