OptinMonster and Sumo Optin Comparison

The main function of a popup plugin is to generate leads and increase the number of your email list subscribers. However, most popup plugins are annoying for users by slowing down the website and some of them aren’t easy to use. There are a large number of WordPress popup plugins available both paid and free. OptinMonster and Sumo are two most popular ones, which will be compared to determine which one is better.

What are they?

Sumo is a collection of marketing apps that we can pick and choose within a single plugin. Apart from most WordPress plugins just offering a set plugin experience, when installing Sumo, you can choose which apps we want to use. 


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On the other hand, OptinMonster comes praised as the premium plugin designed to create highly-converting attractive optin forms on the market.


Although both Sumo and OptinMonster are easy to integrate, differences are noticeable.


Due to the freedom to access, Sumo provides limited items including Lightbox Popup, Slide-in optins, Floating optins and Welcome Mats, but we can upgrade to unlock additional ones. Meanwhile, OptinMonster offers users much more multiple choices to sign up, multiple optin types depending on different locations on your landing pages and your website like Mobile Optins, Slidebar Optin, Fullscreen takeover, Canvas or MonsterLinks. And one of the most outstanding elements is Exit-Intent technology, which means that your popup just appears when a user is about to leave your website.

The ease of use

OptinMonster with free user interface can be one of the most user-friendly plugins as we only sign up for a plan, then install a plugin and design your products. By contrast, Sumo’s users will experience some inconveniences because it doesn’t have a centralized admin panel, and we have to install another app from Sumo store (both free and paid) to add a popup to our website.


Speed is also an important factor defining which plugin will be the winner. As being highly optimized for speed, it is understandable that OptinMonster takes 2.18s to load, which is considerably faster than the speed of Sumo, 3.32s for loading. That is the key to minimize our server load to produce better performance.


Another element is pricing. Sumo is free, but we only access to its limited features. And actually, it can be much more expensive than any kind of plugins if we purchase its $100 per month upgrade. That is the gravest issue. Whereas, in OptinMonster, we only pay $49 per year for basic items, $99/ year for advanced optins and $199 per year for the full suite. It also provides monthly pricing, and annual plans are about 40% cheaper.


So it can be seen that, Sumo is the better choice with someone on a tight budget with basic features because it is free. It is user friendly, but some email marketing services can’t meet all users’ demands. Non-customizable free version with limited templates available, common looking popup on numerous websites, and no free A/B testing, all Sumo’s add-ons having its branding on them, and especially high costs for full advantages are Sumo’s drawbacks that need improved.

What about OptinMonster? It is a big step up in capability when all Sumo’s cons are fulfilled. Possessing an impressive set of features, especially the Exit Intent technology, OptinMonster enables us to figure out when a user tends to leave our site, and to launch a popup optin window. And A/B testing allows us to test different options like text, images, colors or tittles and maintains s clear and simple user-interface at the same time. Finally, with reasonable pricing packages, OptinMonster offers users a wider range of services depending on each situation to an unlimited number of websites with many different templates.

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In brief, we are looking for a more powerful and comprehensive WordPress popup, OptinMonster could be the winner for all its pricing, speed, ease of use and available features.



OptinMonster and Sumo Optin Comparison