PureVPN review 2017 – reasons why you should and shouldn’t go for it

As we already know, whenever we connect to the internet, your location and other information can be tracked through your IP address and recorded by every single website you visit. I didn’t really think about it until I notice that all the search engines I use indeed record what I look for on the internet and send me ads about related products or nearby events to where I live. Being under surveillance from a third party seems unsafe, so I decided it’s time I needed a VPN.

VPN – what is it and what should I consider when choosing a VPN provider?

VPN (Virtual Private Network), in short, protects your information from your internet service provider or anyone that has knowledge about tracking and recording information from other people’s IP addresses. VPNs not only protect your privacy, they can also unlock geographically restricted (such as BBC and Netflix streaming services and so on ) contents. This is very useful for people who live and work in countries with oppressive internet policies. Activists and journalists use VPNs to avoid government control and get in touch with the outside world

When choosing a VPN provider, the most fundamental information to consider is:

  • Price, free trial and refund guarantee
  • Speed and stability
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Number of connections
  • Customer support
PureVPN is my final decision

After considering all the information about different VPN providers, I went for PureVPN – and I had no regret. Let me tell you the reason why.

PureVPN – a brief review from my experience

How to get PureVPN and how to use it:

First you have to sign up for a PureVPN account on its pricing page. Then select your preferred plan and your preferred payment method. After selecting your plan and playment method, enter your name, email address, and payment details. When you successfully sign up, you will receive two emails: one containis your VPN and billing area login details, the other contains tips on how to use PureVPN. The process of setting up is fairly simple. First you go PureVPN website and log in to the Member Area by your billing area login details. After logging in click the Download tab in the upper right corner then choose the platform you want and launch the PureVPN setup wizard.

PureVPN’s price:

The first thing people usually consider when buying something is usually its price. Although PureVPN currently offers no free version or free trial, they offer a 7 days money back guarantee with the price starting from 2.95USD/ month if you buy a 2 year plan, you save 73%, which is 70,8 USD. If you buy 6 month plan it costs 8.95USD/ month, which is 53,7USD. If you don’t want to spend too much money all at once for long term plan now, you can buy 1 month plan with 10.95USD. There are usually discounts in play.

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There are a variety methods of payment, almost everything you can imagine: credit card, AliPay, Bitcoin, Cashu, PaymentWall, or PayPal. Gift cards are also acceptable. However, purchases made with Coin and Gift Cards are not refundable.


Whichever VPN you use it slows down your internet connection speed and it varies between different VPN providers. PureVPN claims to be the fastest VPN and I have to say I agree with them after comparing with other VPNs. Or read

PureVPN’s Privacy and Security

PureVPN offers some privacy features like these:

After testing it I can say that PureVPN is safe to use. However, in the matter of logs, PureVPN only keeps session logs, no activity logs.

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Number of connections PureVPN offers at once:

One of the most concerned questions: Does PureVPN offer multi account support? The answer is yes. PureVPN allows its users to use 1 single account on 5 different devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop and other devices) simultaneously from the same country. And, of course, all of your 5 different devices are protected. 1 account, 1 user name, 1 password, 5 devices. Awesome!

Clients Support:

PureVPN has 24/7/365 live chat support. You can ask them directly via chat or send them emails at You can also request a support ticket by clicking on “support ticket” on the upper right of the PureVPN website. They also have a huge knowledge base. You can either type in your query into the knowledge base search engine, or check the company’s setup guides, how-to guides, and FAQ pageby scrolling down the page.

 Does PureVPN have any flaw?

These are the things I don’t like about PureVPN:

  • No free trial
  • Refund policy does not apply on all payment methods (Coins and Gift Card payment are not refundable).
  • Lack of ads blocking
  • The speed is sometimes not stable.

In conclusion:

PureVPN is definitely the best choice for you if speed is your primary concern when choosing a virtual private network. It is safe to use and the help center is amazing, the prices are reasonable with available add-on options and variety of payment methods. However you still have to deal with some ads and occasional unstability. Or click here to see the list of top most secure VPN services.

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PureVPN review 2017 – reasons why you should and shouldn’t go for it