SaferWeb reviews: Is it a rival of NordVPN?

SaferWeb VPN is a product of UK-based privacy protection firm “Pseudio Ltd. Inc”. The company is relatively new in VPN industry and offers a wide range of servers dotted across main regions of the globe. SaferWeb aims to protect users’ online privacy with cutting-edge security essentials, around the clock customer support, Teir-1 network infrastructure and cross-platform availability, making it a top-of-the-line VPN provider.

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SaferWeb is relatively new on the VPN market, but its reliability, customer support and ease of use are second to none. More significantly, its ‘supercharged’ add-on gives you exclusive access to an elite list of turbocharged servers, making it a great choice if you download a lot of data.


  • Government grade security.
  • Live customer support available 24 / 7.
  • Two price plans to choose from.


  • Supercharged servers
  • No speed or bandwidth caps.
  • Supports most operating systems
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections.
  • 32+ servers located in 26+ countries
  • PPTP, OpenVPN and IKEV2 protocols offered
  • 3 Simultaneous Connections
  • Multiplatform support including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.
  • Military Grade 256-Bit Data Encryption
  • 24/7 Live Online Support and Email Support
  • Zero Activity Log Policy
  • Free Trial Available
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Only 30 servers in 24 countries.
  • Some data logging.
  • Fewer protocols offered
  • Slow Server Connectivity
  • Long Waiting Times for Live Chat

Key Features

SaferWeb has a solid list of features and is designed to work optimally right out of the box.

Besides supporting most major security protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP, and IKEv2), it also supports most software platforms, including Playstation, Xbox and, unusually, BlackBerry.


SaferWeb’s most striking feature, however, is its ‘supercharged locations’ add-on. This gives you access to exclusive servers. Because access to these servers is limited, you’re guaranteed lightning fast speeds.

Unfortunately, while your internet activity won’t be monitored, the website terms and conditions state that there is some data logging, which may be an issue if you’re finicky about your online privacy.

The number of server locations is also quite low: 30 servers in 24 countries worldwide.

Server Locations

Being a new contender in the VPN industry, SaferWeb VPN has an edge over its competitor by offering a range of VPN servers located in the major regions around the world. Prime regions covered by SaferWeb VPN include Dublin, London, Sydney, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Burges, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Tokyo.


Subscribers can select servers from over 30 different locations in 24 countries. Unrestricted speed, unlimited server switching, in-house developed desktop & mobile apps, robust data encryption, an absolute Zero Logs policy and the option to monitor server loads in real time make SaferWeb VPN a top privacy choice.

Super Premium account users get an additional benefit, not only in terms of more server choices but also in terms of server performance. SaferWeb offers supercharged locations which offer faster speeds and performance in certain locations. This is achieved by limiting the number of users on these servers, which turn provides supercharged account holders to avail more bandwidth.

Supercharged servers are an ideal choice for users looking to download files through P2P & Torrent services, stream live events & shows. Using the 10 Giga Bit/Second backbone, SaferWeb VPN’s cutting edge servers have delighted us during speed testing and torrent download tests.

Speed & Reliability

SaferWeb is reasonably fast and reliable right out of the box. It also has no bandwidth or speed caps, which means your connection’s performance will be unaffected irrespective of how heavy your usage is.

More significantly, you can get a ‘supercharged locations’ add on. This grants you access to an exclusive list of super-fast servers, and is ideal if you make a lot of downloads and need them to complete fast.


SaferWeb supports most major operating systems on the market, including Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV and BlackBerry.

This gives you a ton of flexibility, as you can make SaferWeb work on virtually any device. That said, you may need to make some advanced tweaks in order to get it up and running on some devices.

It also isn’t possible to get your own dedicated IP address.

Customer Support

SaferWeb’s customer support is excellent.

You can get in touch by opening a support ticket via email.

SaferWeb VPN offers 24/7 live chat technical support to provide users instant problem resolution. In order to assess its responsiveness, we conducted a simple test by inquiring about the installation of SaferWeb VPN on iOS through live chat support.


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The website also has a comprehensive knowledge base with information on setting up your VPN, tweaking it for optimum performance and addressing all the most common issues you might encounter.

The answers are very detailed and written in simple English that’s easy to understand. Unfortunately, the service was not up to the mark, with a delayed response by SaferWeb VPN CSR. However, we were able to setup SaferWeb VPN on iOS device with the help of setup instructions found in the knowledge base section eventually.

Protocols and Encryption

SaferWeb VPN offers leading tunneling protocols that protect the identity and online activity of a subscriber. Currently, the VPN offers the following protocols:

IKeV2 which comes with 256-bit data encryption keys and ensures strong online protection with blazing fast speeds.

PPTP comes with 128-bit encryption keys for high-speed streaming, downloading and unblocking of media, but does not offer robust security.

OpenVPN comes with 128-bit encryption, but next to almost no security.

Logs and Privacy Policy

The alarming part of most VPN providers is their privacy policy. Many providers brag about zero logs policy in reality they keep detailed records of users. SaferWeb VPN beats the competitors with its strictly zero activity log policy. None of users’ online browsing activity is recorded by SaferWeb VPN. The data it does collect for service delivery purpose includes:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of service provided
  • Payment history
  • Payment amount

SaferWeb VPN collects the above information for service delivery & quality assurance purposes only. Subscribers can find the privacy policy of SaferWeb at the bottom of their main web page. Below is a snapshot of SaferWeb VPN privacy policy:

Value for Money

SaferWeb has two plans to choose from. Both plans have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfers and support for all of SaferWeb’s security protocols.

However, the Premium plan, priced at $4.95 a month, will only give you access to servers in 7 locations worldwide.

The so-called Super Premium plan, which costs $6.95 a month, will give you access to servers in 30 locations.

To be fair, SaferWeb isn’t the most expensive VPN provider we reviewed. However, given its limited number of server locations, it isn’t the best value for money out there.


SaferWeb has a low number of server locations. That said, its ease of use, solid set of features and reasonably fast speeds still make it well worth looking into; and it’s ‘supercharged servers’ add-on guarantees lightning fast speeds even if you’re a demanding user. Two major features from SaferWeb is its mix of tunneling protocols and top tier encryption, ensuring user identity security and data protection. If you are still confused, let’s move on to NordVPN.

What about NordVPN?

NordVPN is an offshore VPN supplier registered in Panama. They provided VPN with many appreciated utilities. They have the best secure and encrypted internet, wifi connection technology. It encrypts data not only once but twice. Two-node server link help double encrypt with military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption. NordVPN has a worldwide server network of 708 locations in 54 different countries. They guarantee you good internet connection, whether you are gaming or streaming. NordVPN review.

NordVPN Apps design is simple and easy to use on both laptop and mobile. When you use NordVPN, they absolutely won’t save your history of visited websites. They are also the only provider to have Tor over VPN functions. When you exit, NordVPN automatically disconnects to the website with the Auto Kill Switch. The functions such as DNS resolver leak, secret notes, encrypted chat, full web proxy extensions help you confidently set the highest security mode when surfing the web. One more thing, their VPN server fully supports Torrent P2P connections.

To sum up, NordVPN is the best option to ensure all safety requirements that gives you the confidence to surf anonymously regardless of settings, network provider or public wifi. With moderate prices, NordVPN also accepts multiple popular payment options, even with Bitcoin.


NordVPN offers 3 plan options for you: the simple one (1 month plan) costs you 11,95USD/ month and it is billed monthly, the standard one (6 month plan) costs you 7USD/ month, which means 42USD billed every 6 months, you can save 41% if you go for this plan, the best one (1 year plan) costs you 5,75USD/ month, which means 69USD is billed annually, you can save 52% if you go for this option. And the bestest of all is that they are offering a 2 year plan promotion now. You can save 72% with this option as it costs you only 3.29USD/month.

Note: The 1-month plan costs $11.95, our 1-year plan is $5.75/month, our 2-year plan is $3.29/month and our special 3-year deal is only $2.75/month. Moreover, it is best to show our 3-year plan’s monthly cost, as it should have a positive effect on the conversion rate.

Obviously, NordVPN seems to outweigh SaferWeb. Let’s consider carefully and have the best choice.


SaferWeb reviews: Is it a rival of NordVPN?