SMS Marketing Software: EZ Texting, Slick Text and Trumpia – Which is the winner?

SMS marketing (short message service marketing) is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages. Generally speaking, the goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of subscribers to increase customer loyalty. When implementing close range marketing tactics, text messages are an ideal way of notifying people within your vicinity of any immediate offers, without having to use push-notification applications. More than informing your customers of upcoming deals, it can also be a great way to send reminders for upcoming events and engage your customers by polling their opinions. In fact, for at least 60% of consumers, SMS marketing is preferred to other email marketing and push-notification services (Forbes). Therefore, today I would like to introduce top 3 most popular SMS marketing software platforms for small businesses and compare to figure out the winner.

Actually, SMS marketing software lets us build a list of subscribers and send them reminders, promotional texts and coupons via text message.

Top 3 – EZ Texting – Slick Text – Trumpia.

What are they?

One of the most popular SMS marketing programs is EZ Texting, the tool giving us all the tools we need to try text marketing risk free. What makes EZ Texting stand out is the free version that lets you send up to 500 messages/month and the pay-as-you-go plan that doesn’t have any monthly fees.What’s more are the advanced tools you get to reach your customers. In particular there’s automated drip campaigns and polling. Unlike a traditional mailing list, where you send the same message to everybody, drip campaigns let you send different messages depending on how long customers have been signed up.

Slick Text is great SMS marketing solution for retailers that want to get a more serious about coupons. One great feature is that we can generate unique coupon codes for each customer. This is an easy way to prevent customers from double dipping, or from sharing coupons with other customers. SlickText has multiple features, giving you the means to establish two-way communication with our customers. 

Trumpia is a high message volume service, supporting messaging lists of 2,000 or more customers. Marketing automation and unique customer loyalty rewards mobile app are just two advanced tools included in this SMS software. Marketing automation, with smart targeting and auto campaigns, sends coupons based on your customer’s browsing activities. By targeting what people view on a website the automation feature sends messages, like coupons, based on their interest. Smart marketing tools help build brand usage by increasing content relevance. The software groups our customers by interests and behaviors and sends personalized messages. Trumpia offers reliable, high-speed delivery via hundreds of carriers around the world.


EZ Texting – SlickText – Trumpia Comparison in Drip Campaigns, Pricing and Support

 Drip Campaigns

Beyond the basics, EZ Texting has not only drip campaigns, but also polling and text-to-win competitions. Drip campaigns let you send more targeted messages depending on how long a customer has been signed up. For example, you could set it up to send a welcome message right after customers sign up, a 10% off coupon after 2 weeks and then another coupon for a free item after a month. You can create polls and use the results to divide customers into groups – i.e., have one list of pepperoni pizza lovers and another list for cheese pizza lovers. Text-to-win contests let customers sign up for a sweepstakes by sending in a keyword. From the online dashboard, you can view the list of numbers and choose one at random.


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Slick Text excels in some of the areas EZ Texting does not. In particular, you have the ability to generate unique coupon codes for each customer. Also, while there’s no polling customers to separate them into groups, you can separate them based on geography – state or area code.

For small businesses using coupons, SlickText lets you generate coupon codes unique to each customer. This is a great feature for targeting your customer’s specific interests. New to SlickText extensive list of advanced tools is drip campaigns. This lets the SMS marketer automate, targeted campaigns; a must for small businesses managing large opt-in lists.

Trumpia has some of the strongest features. Their marketing automation tools go far beyond EZ Texting and Slick Text, as you can build detailed profiles of customer preferences and trigger messages based on their online behavior. By analyzing customer behavior on your website, through text messages and emails, Trumpia helps you create targeted campaigns. Another unique feature is their custom branded mobile app, which customers can install to track their purchases.



EZ Texting and Slick Text are both on the lower end, with free versions and packages for low-text volume clients, geared for those small businesses just starting in SMS marketing. EZ Texting’s free version gives you 500 messages per month, while SlickText offers 50 messages per month. You don’t need a credit card to get started. Free accounts come loaded with credits at no charge, without contracts or obligation. Trumpia is more expensive, starting at $285/month, but you pay a lot less per text message, so its actually ideal for businesses with more than 2,000 customers on their texting list.

EZ Texting: Offers a free package allowing 500 messages per month and no contract. In addition, you get 1 free keyword to customer sign-up. With the keyword being randomly generated, you have no control over the keyword used.

There are several affordable pricing options including Pay & Go, the default account setting. This plan has buying credits to use when you need them.

  • Pay-as-you-go: a flat rate of 5 cents per message with no additional fees
  • 1,000 texts per month plus 1 keyword: $49 per month
  • 2,000 texts per month plus 2 keywords: $94 per month
  • 300 texts per month plus 3 keywords: $149 per month

Slick Text has a free version that lets you send up to 50 messages/month. Unlike EZ Texting, you get to pick your own keyword.


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Trumpia has 3 different packages. It doesn’t offer a free or pay-as-you-go package and is geared toward businesses with larger customer messaging lists. However, if you have at least 2,000 subscribers, Trumpia offers a lower price per text message than the other services.

  • 10,000 texts/month and 9 keywords for $285/month
  • 25,000 texts/month and 15 keywords for $485/month. You also get multiple user accounts and role-based privileges to use for up to 3 different locations.
  • 1000,000 texts/month and 30 keywords for $985. You also get multiple user accounts and role-based privileges to use for up to 10 different locations.You can also save a lot with Trumpia if you pay for 1 year upfront (30% off) or for 2 years (50% off).


Another key feature of SMS marketing services is reporting.

EZ Texting: Besides opt in / opt out rates, we can view a chart of the source of your contacts: What percentage of customers joined using keywords vs. a web form? We can also build reports on delivery status to determine if any messages have bounced. Reports are customizable on delivery status, alerting you of any bouncing messages.

Slick Text has a lot of great reporting features. We can separate subscribers geographically and find how many there are in a particular city or state. Another great feature is link tracking to find the click-through rate and determine how effective the message was.

Trumpia: with this SMS marketing platform, we can also observe the click-through rates of our links, delivery reports, consolidated campaign dashboard to determine if any messages didn’t make it through.

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As far as I was concerned, I found EZ Texting and Trumpia to be responsive and helpful while Slick Text was difficult to get in touch with.

EZ Texting: Phone, email and live chat support are available from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 7pm EST.

Slick Text: Phone and email support are helpful, although hours are not posted.

TrumpiaPhone and email support are available from 9am to 9pm EST on weekdays and 9am to 7pm EST on weekends.


Who is the winner?


So in brief, I recommend EZ Texting for their flexible pricing and because of their advanced texting features, which includes drip campaigns, polls and text-to-win contests, affordable pricing, and helpful support as well.


EZ Texting


Slick Text



Base Price Free
500 texts/month
10,000 texts/month

Price for
Advanced Edition
3,300 texts/month
See higher and lower 
priced plans here.
3,600 texts/month
See higher and lower 
priced plans here.
25,000 texts/month
Can you set up
automated drip
Yes No Yes
Can you create polls? Yes No Yes
Can you create text-to-win contests? Yes Yes No
Can you send unique Coupon Codes? No Yes Yes
Additional Features: – Unlimited “Sub Keywords” for 
customers to interact with 
your business
– Sign customers up from Facebook
– Mass Voice Messages
– Birthday Texts
– Sign customers up 
from Facebook
– Birthday Texts
– Marketing Automation
– Mass Emails
– Mass Voice Messages
– Custom-branded mobile app for loyalty rewards
Support – Phone, Email and Live 
Chat Support
Weekdays: 10am to 7pm EST
– Email support
– Claim to have Phone support 
however we tried and went to voicemail
– Phone and Email Support
– Weekdays: 9am to 9pm EST
– Weekends: 9am to 7pm EST

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Depending on your businesses, let’s consider carefully to figure out the most appropriate solution.

SMS Marketing Software: EZ Texting, Slick Text and Trumpia – Which is the winner?