Thinkific Review 2018: A new trend of Online Learning Platform

Are you struggling to decide between a host of different online course platforms? You have a limited budget and are still confused on how to start your online teaching? Or simply you want to share your experience, your knowledge to society. A lot of online learning platforms such as Udemy, Techable or Kajabi are available. And today I would like to introduce a new trend – Thinkific – a simple, straightforward, easy to use and reasonable platform that everyone can join to contribute and sell their courses.

Actually, Thinkific is known as an all-in-one online learning management system enabling anyone to quickly create and deliver stunning courses on their own branded site. Whatever your goal is, to educate customers, to sell courses to make sales or to simply grow your brand and engage your audience, Thinkific makes it easy and turns it into reality quickly and effectively. You will have chance to join Thinkific’s hundreds and thousands of consultants, experts, authors, speakers, trainers, teachers, coaches, professional associations, and companies, and start selling courses immediately.

What is Thinkific?

As its promise to users that giving “everything you need to easily create, market, and sell your own online courses”, Thinkific is a simple and powerful platform designed to create quickly and sell interactive courses online by everyone. Every step is simplified so users can focus on creating valuable content.


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Thinkific possesses a customizable website, with your course content, paid course sales, tools to communicate with students, and more without any coding skills. So the process is extremely easy, which attracts and encourages more and more users to join that online platform. All we need is something we know how to teach and share them.

How to start?

As the process is simple, everyone can start immediately. You just click on the “Create new course” to build your course. You’ll be directed to the course editor where you can design your course’s landing page, create the curriculum, add instructors, and change the course’s settings on your own. All design changes in real time can be previewed the course to reassure that everything looks perfect before the launch. You can then add a custom domain, publish a landing page, or apply HTML/CSS customizations to encourage potential students to sign up.

The most important part of your Thinkific course is the curriculum, which is divided into two parts: chapters and content. The course content can be created totally new or uploaded existing lessons to a chapter. Lessons can be videos, images, PDFs, quizzes, surveys and other types of content, which allows your students to interact with the course during the course.


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Setting up your payment options is also easy. You just integrate your Stripe or PayPal account to accept purchases from students. And payments will be paid straight to your merchant account, waiving all transaction fees for those on the Business and Advanced plans. A great point that Thinkific offers is that we can create coupons, bundles, and affiliates to promote our course, attract more student to earn more money.

Thinkific Key Features

  • Every stage is simple and easy to set up – friendly interface
  • Create and sell online courses to students anywhere
  • Add videos, images, PDFs, quizzes, surveys, and more to your curriculum
  • Customize your website and course pages with themes or HTML/CSS editing to match your brand
  • Accept payments for courses with Stripe and PayPal
  • Engage with your students through in-course discussions
  • Free & low cost options
  • Good mix of features
  • Active blog & community with useful tips & advice

Looking at Thinkific’s partners, I feel more trusted. It boasts of more than 6,800 people and company users, including some pretty big names, like:

  • Vanessa Van Edwards of the Science of People
  • Kristen Bailey, Director of Online Education Products at Hootsuite
  • Dayna House of Design Course 101
  • Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue
  • Chris Brogan of the Owner Media Group

My great experience on Thinkific

As a Spanish teacher, I tried several online teaching platforms and I was really impressed by Thinkific. For a 45-year-old-teacher like me, I see other platforms complicated and much more expensive. The way Thinkific presents content, from landing page to course completion page, is beautiful and appealing to the user. There are ample ways to connect with the users through various integrations if desired. It’s also useful that I can customize the branding and even my own site theme. After switching from a sub-par LMS, my students are more engaged and more interested in signing in to consume my courses.


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Another great point is the ease and speed of being able to jump right in (and ignore the tutorial video) to make my course. It is extremely amazing – everything loaded quickly.

Furthermore, it has a good set of features, which are easy and low cost to get started with. The support service is really helpful and fantastic when they solved my issues at 11pm. The prominent “Help” button on the right side of the page was comforting when I had questions and complaint or just joined to get more experience from other teacher, experts, professionals.


I recommend Thinkific to many friends, especially 50-year-old teachers like me and anyone wishing to build an online course as other online teaching platforms focuses on enterprise space, or require a bunch of tech professionals to set up.

Pricing Plan

  • Free – Starter plan: for core features with a 10% fee for all student transactions
  • $49/month – Essentials plan: for Starter features with a 5% fee for all student transactions
  • $99/month – Business plan: for Essentials features with no transaction fees
  • $279/month – Advanced plan: for all features with no transaction fees

The verdict

Thinkific is actually a great platform for creating, marketing, and selling your own courses wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever you teach. With Thinkific, users will have chance to use a user-friendly platform with a backend WordPress feel. Thinkific is a great choice for everyone, especially those are a little more tech-savvy and don’t mind a bit of a learning curve while creating their course.

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Thinkific Review 2018: A new trend of Online Learning Platform