TubeBuddy – The Best Tool for YouTube Creators

Thanks to technology advancement, nowadays the internet, especially Youtube has become one of the most prosperous channels for making money all over the world. Are you interested in succeeding with YouTube and you’re interested in getting cutting-edge tools and technologies to improve your YouTube presence and the presence of clients, TubeBuddy may be the best solution now.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy has been built on YouTube for about nine years, even before Google owned YouTube. It offers a powerful suite of superpowers, which beef up the abilities of YouTube publishers’ default toolset.

Key Features

Quick links

What makes TubeBuddy different from a lot of other tools is that it’s a browser plug-in, so instead of having to go out to a separate website, and access tools outside of YouTube, you can see functionality built right into YouTube’s website. It is integrated right into the daily flow, in one simple drop down menu.

The core is always coming down to productivity and saving users’ time on YouTube and just making things easier.


Find/ Replace/ Append

This function of Tubebuddy enables users to find texts in your video descriptions and then replace those texts with something new. You can select an action such as “Find and Replace Text”, and then type in the text you want to find and replace and then type in the new text that you want to replace it with.

Other options include Append After Text, Prepend Before Text, Remove Text, Append At End Of Description, Prepend At Beginning Of Description and Replace Entire Description.

You can also create some templates for annotations and cards, which saves the time of having to go through and create the same card or annotation again and again.

Thumbnail Generator

TubeBuddy provides a thumbnail generator right inside YouTube to enable users to eliminate the process. You can take a still frame from your video and add texts and images overlays right on top of the still fame right from inside YouTube, click a button and get it published immediately. Also you can create templates on the same place with texts or logos without using Photoshop or other tools. That is the key of time saving.

Effective search engine optimization

Do you want to really good meta information, a great title and a great description? The solution is TubeBuddy when it offers a lot of great little thing that can help you, especially Tag Explorer to pick a keyword as well as suggested tags. It will show you what’s trending related to your topics and then bring your videos right into YouTube’s website.

Best time to publish

This is also a key feature of TubeBuddy when it can automatically figure out the best time to publish videos for specific audiences, which certainly gains attention and views from those groups as a result.

Comment Canned Response

This is a feasible solution for increasing your YouTube community and gaining interaction with your commenter on videos. In “Canned Response”, you can type once and use quickly each time when you want to express your thanks or comments that need the same responses, which definitely saves time and express your welcome to viewers as well.

Social Sharing Features

TubeBuddy offers a lot of different social networking sites in one screen, so you can quickly share your video to those pages. After that “Social Monitor” appears to show you the activity of individual videos on particular social media outlets.

Channel Health Report

Channel health report is provided to show how your channel is doing in some different ways, then you can control all its activities or viewers’ reaction, especially your channel’s engagement and performance with tangible statistics. That is one of the useful methods to improve your later videos.

Other points

There are also a lot of attractive features in TubeBuddy including annotation templates, pick a winner, advanced video embeds, featured video promotion, upload videos directly to Facebook and welcome messages for new subscribers or GIF generator.

Many users expressed their positive opinions about TubeBuddy because most of the tools offered have been directly requested from customers, especially via an open dialog and quick support.

Price: 3 packages are available:

  • “Pro” package: $9/ month: to access most productivity and video optimization tools
  • “Star” package: $19/ month: the ultimate in time-saving with Bulk Processing tools
  • “Legend” package: $39/ month: to access advanced functionality for maximum results.

With all these outstanding features, TubeBuddy can be one of the most essential and effective tools that all YouTube creators should consider and use to enhance their performance and boost views and subscribers as well.

TubeBuddy – The Best Tool for YouTube Creators