15 Best Udemy Courses in 2018 – $10/ course

With over 55,000 different courses at all skills and 48 languages, for all levels, Udemy is known as one of the biggest online platform that provides on-demand affordable courses  guided by expert instructors from famous universities and institutions to fulfill our limitless potential on our own terms whether it’s for career advancement, personal interest or self improvement. Today I would like to share top 15 best Udemy courses that I experienced and found it really helpful to my career, especially at exclusive promotion – just at $10.

I will divide these 15 best courses into 3 major different groups to make it easy to follow: Best Udemy Development Course – Best Udemy Personal Development Course – Best Udemy Marketing Course.

(Updated on 18 October, 2017)


1. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

This is one of the most web development courses in Udemy. In this course you will gain a deep understanding of Javascript, learn how Javascript works under the hood, and how that knowledge helps you avoid common pitfalls and drastically improve your ability to debug problems. You will find clarity in the parts that others, even experienced coders, may find weird, odd, and at times incomprehensible. You’ll learn the beauty and deceptive power of this language that is at the forefront of modern software development today.


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This Udemy course will cover such advanced concepts as objects and object literals, function expressions, prototypical inheritance, functional programming, scope chains, function constructors (plus new ES6 features), immediately invoked function expressions (IIFEs), call, apply, bind, and more.

We’ll take a deep dive into the source code of popular frameworks such as jQuery and Underscore to see how you can use your understanding of Javascript to learn (and borrow) from other’s good code.

Finally, you’ll learn the foundations of how to build your own Javascript framework or library.

What you’ll learn in this course will make you a better Javascript developer, and improve your abilities in AngularJS, NodeJS, jQuery, React, Ember, MongoDB, and all other Javascript-based technologies!

In this course you’ll also get downloadable source code. You will often be provided with ‘starter’ code, giving you the base for you to start writing your code, and ‘finished’ code to compare your code to.

Enrolled: 86,653 students

Rate: 4.74/ 5.0

Price: $10 (95% discount)

2. The Web Developer Bootcamp

So many highlights in this well known Udemy web development course that we should consider when choosing a web development course with an affordable price such as:

  • Make REAL web applications using cutting-edge technologies
  • Continue to learn and grow as a developer, long after the course ends
  • Create a blog application from scratch using Express, MongoDB, and Semantic UI
  • Create a complicated yelp-like application from scratch
  • Write your own browser-based game
  • Create static HTML and CSS portfolio sites and landing pages
  • Think like a developer. Become an expert at Googling code questions!
  • Create complex HTML forms with validations
  • Write web apps with full authentication
  • Use Bootstrap to create good-looking responsive layouts
  • Implement responsive navbars on websites
  • Use JavaScript variables, conditionals, loops, functions, arrays, and objects
  • Write Javascript functions, and understand scope and higher order functions
  • Create full-stack web applications from scratch
  • Manipulate the DOM with vanilla JS
  • Manipulate the DOM using jQuery
  • Translate between jQuery and vanillas JS
  • Write JavaScript based browser games
  • Use NodeJS to write server-side JavaScript
  • Write complex web apps with multiple models and data associations
  • Write a REAL application using everything in the course
  • Use Express and MongoDB to create full-stack JS applications
  • Use common JS data structures like Arrays and Objects
  • Master the command line interface
  • Use NPM to install all sorts of useful packages
  • Understand the ins and outs of HTTP requests
  • Create your own Node modules
  • Make a beautiful, responsive photographer’s portfolio page
  • Create a beautiful, responsive landing page for a startup
  • Implement user authentication
  • Create a beautiful animated todo list application

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In brief throughout the course we can access to tons of tools and technologies including: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SemanticUI, DOM Manipulation, jQuery, Unix (Command Line) Command, NodeJS, NPM, ExpressJS, REST, MongoDB, Database Associations, Authentication, PassportJS. Authorization

Enrolled: 41,787

Price: $10

Rate: 4.69/ 5.0

3. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 by Udemy 

As favorable for a student base (over 220,000 students), it is no surprise when The Complate Web Developer Course 2.0 is on the list of top best Udemy courses. It is one of the most comprehensive web development courses I have explored on Udemy with 235 lectures and over 29 hours of content covering all essential skills that a web developer must master from HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP to WordPress, APIs as well as Mobile Apps, unlimited web hosting for one year. Especially learners will have chance to build 14 real websites to finish the course.


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The instructor is Rob Percival, a well-spoken, knowledgeable, active and clear in communication.

Enrolled: 128,868 students

Price: $10 (95% discount)

Rate: 4.68/ 5.0

4. Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3

Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 is really great for beginners who wish to explore the web development land because its focus is on HTML and CSS, the foundation of the web. Also, it is the #1-rated HTML5 and CSS3 course in the official Udemy rankings.


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Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 also enables learners to access to responsive web design to create websites on all screen-sizes (desktop, tablet, and smartphone) as well as to get the site online (a place where many beginners often times get stuck)

76 lectures, over 11 hours of video, one year of free web hosting (worth $55), downloadble code for the entire project, and free access to e-book Best Resources for Web Design and Development with HTMP5 & CSS3 or access to the instructor’s community for any query.

Enrolled: 20,402

Price: $10 (95% discount)

Rate: 4.67/ 5.0

5. The Complete Docker Course for DevOps and Developers

Docker software is on the bleeding edge of technology today.  It is also one of the most compelling technologies of the last decade in terms of its disruption to software development, operations, systems architecture, testing and compliance practices. The average salary of a DevOps engineer is about $140,000 per year in Silicon Valley area which is 20% higher than the salary of a software engineer. That sounds really attractive, right?

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This course covers all the fundamentals about Docker software and gains understanding about developing as well as deploying modern applications with Docker software. Especially after the course, we can:

  • Containerize a web-based application with a micro-service approach and automate it using Dockerfile.
  • Design multi-container applications and automate the workflow using Compose.
  • Scale Docker workflow with Docker Swarm, orchestrate and deploy a large-scale application across multiple hosts in the cloud.
  • Best practices of working with Docker software in the field.
  • Apply the right Docker deployment workflow and continuously deliver better software.
  • Acquire invaluable DevOps skills such as setting up continuous integration pipelines.

For me, this course is very hands on, James – the instructor has put lots effort to provide you with not only the theory but also real-life examples of developing Docker applications, all the source code to Github that you can try out on your own laptop.

Enrolled: 22,034 student

Price: $10 (94% discount) – 30-day money-guarantee

Rate: 4.81/ 5.0

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1. Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification

My attunement experience on this Udemy course was wonderful, peaceful and healing. Meeting my Reiki Guide is beyond any words but has left me so humbly grateful. This course has affected my life profoundly. It is more than I could ever imagine. I came to the course with no level of expectation except to be open to what shall come. Never was I to imagine what I have received. Thankfully I didn’t stunt my experience with expectations. The content was very comprehensive: videos and manuals with a tremendous amount of information, excellent production quality and supplemental material as well as peaceful delivery.

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  • Learn how to use Reiki as a healing and personal growth system
  • Understand the history of Reikiand how it has changed over time
  • Perform Reiki sessions with the intention of addressing all areas of life
  • Learn how to visualize the locations of the meridian and chakra energy systems in the body
  • Guided through techniques to help you access your intuition
  • Learn how to perform complete Reiki sessions on yourself and others
  • Explore multiple methods for performing Reiki from a distance
  • Heal unwanted patterns and learn how to manifest your goals
  • Practice using the Reiki symbols for power, release, transcending time/space and to connect with your insightful self
  • Receive advanced techniques such as psychic surgery, meeting your Reiki Guides and accessing different levels of consciousness
  • You will learn and experience the benefits of regular meditation
  • Receive Level I, II and Master distance attunements from your Reiki Master
  • Learn how to administer all attunements to students.

Enrolled: 51,962

Price: $10 (94% discount)

Rate: 4.71/ 5.0

2. Body Language for Entrepreneurs

That was really an amazing Udemy course indeed. It helped me out to understand about the art of Body Language in both in-house and public talks with so much appreciated for such an informative curriculum. 6 areas every entrepreneur needs and how body language can help you succeed are fully covered:

  • Customer Relations: Building Rapport, Successful Selling, Winning Client Relations, and Customer Validation.
  • Nonverbal Brand: Effective Networking, Impactful Elevator Pitching, and Building Your Online Presence
  • Building Your Business Team: Lie Detection, Hiring, Finding Great Partners, Connecting with Colleagues, Leadership and Management
  • High Pressure Business Situations such as Fundraising, Investor Pitching, Public Speaking and Negotiations.

Actually Body language will completely change the way you do business so personally I think this course is really useful. So don’t hesitate to get it now:

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Enrolled: 24,809

Price: $10

Rate: 4.56/ 5.0

3. Value Investing Bootcamp: How to Invest Wisely

This is also one of the most highly recommended on Udemy for finance management and even investment. It is informative and transparent in all information.

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Concepts are introduced gradually, so that even a beginner will be able to follow along and become a confident investor in no-time! Value investing is a powerful, low-risk, proven strategy which allows us to consistently earn above-average returns. Upon successful completion of this course we will be able to:

  • Understand all aspects of Value Investing, the strategy of the pros
  • Calculate the “intrinsic value” of any stock
  • Understand why the majority of investors lose money (and how you can avoid this!)
  • Find and identify attractive investment opportunities
  • Manage your own portfolio with confidence
  • Discover the truth about risk versus reward
  • Consistently earn above-average returns using a simple, low-risk, proven strategy
  • Protect and grow your hard-earned savings with minimum effort
  • Quickly know when to buy and sell
  • Plus much more!

Enrolled: 14,125

Price: $10 (94% discount)

Rate: 4.56/ 5.0

4. A+ Essays: A Structured Approach to Successful Essay Writing

This is a nice course. I really liked the exercises to redo the essay, and the one it wrote from the scratch. Those were awesome exercises to understand.This course also has an awesome balance between theory and practice. I would love to have a follow up course and full of detail that goes straight to the source of what is needed to have a sucessful essay. [boombox_button tag_type=”a” type=”primary” url=”″ target=”blank” class=”primary-button” text-color=”#ffffff”]Get A+ Essays Now[/boombox_button]

I learn how essay writing skills are related to “deep reading” and “deep thinking” skills, and why this is increasingly important in today’s world as wall as how standards of good essay writing are related to standards of good written communication more broadly. You’ll learn why academic essays are structured the way they are, how essay style is related to essay structure, how to approach the writing process, and how to organize your time so that you can actually get the work done before the deadline.

At the end of this course I feel really more confident about my ability to successfully complete essay assignments at school with a greater understanding of the skills and habits of successful writers.

Enrolled: 4,795

Price: $10 (73% discount)

Rate: 4.57

5. Accelerate Your Learning & Acquire Any New Skill… Fast!

I think the content of the course was solid. I definitely learned a couple of things so I appreciate anything I can learn from. Each segment is short and to the point, and you get a lot out of it.

This is one of the best lectures so far. His voice and language is very clear, simple but strong enough to reach our inner mind. Joe not just gives the tips and methods for learning but motivates the listeners us to get in the flow of the subject and master it. Not many teachers can do it. Honestly this is the only lecture which I watched and observed till the last lesson. The instructor introduces you to quite a few ways of improving your learning. It’s a step by step process.

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  • Understand How The Human Mind and Brain Function
  • Understand Neuroscience and How it Contributes To Learning
  • Choose The Right Topic’s That You Want To Learn About
  • Learn About The Accelerated Learning Process
  • Understand The Process of Accelerated Learning
  • Learn Any New Skill of Their Choice Quickly
  • Accelerate Their Learning
  • Enrolled: 5,250 students

Price: $10 (96% discount)

Rate: 4.55/ 5.0

More Udemy best courses are available now.


1. Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2016

Topics are covered in detail. Lots of insights/tricks/hacks are given. Each area is covered over several chapters. Differences are shown with care.

Content was clear, comprehensive and extremely informative. Itgoes in depth and provides a lot of valuable informations on using Facebook ads and management system. Also it cleared up some confusion i had on how to look at posting content for businesses i will be trying to get as part of my marketing business. I started at zero with knowing how to use Facebook ads and now I feel I am pretty far along. So I will watch this again and I will also be using this as a reference course as well, but happy with the amount of knowledge I’ve gained with this course.


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The instructor knows what he is talking about, and he is prompting you to implement things beyond what is basic!


  • Mass post quickly to various social media networks
  • Market on Facebook Advertising with ease
  • Connect with new audiences and lower ad costs via Facebook Ads
  • Track Facebook ad conversions
  • Use advanced features of Facebook advertising
  • Average $0.01 per engagement/like/click with my Facebook ad strategies

Enrolled: 33,125

Price: $10 (95% discount)

Rate: 4.55/ 5.0

2. How To Promote Your Webinar With Facebook Ads

This was a well rounded and amazing E-Course even if you’re not looking to do a webinar, the skills being taught in this course work in all areas of Facebook Ads.

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  • How to promote your webinar with paid Facebook ads
  • Step-by-step training to drive highly converting traffic to your webinar opt-in page
  • How to research your target audience with Facebook Audience Insights
  • Best practices to use Quantcast & SEMRush
  • Detailed instructions to work with conversion tracking to measure & optimize your FB campaigns
  • How to create a successful FB campaign to give your webinar more exposure
  • Best practices to select highly converting images & craft converting ad copies
  • How to take your campaigns to the next level with retargeting by re-engaging with your website visitors

Enrolled: 5,063

Price: $10

Rate: 4.65/ 5.0

3. Instagram Marketing: Fans to Business Leads

Now only as a app for posting pictures and videos, Instagram is also a great tool for businesses. Therefore, this is a all-in-one course on Instagram to promote your business channel, with a complete marketing plan equipped with numerous tools and resources and much more inside. After the course, students can:

  • Have an Instagram marketing game plan and daily posting schedule
  • Start attracting 1000s of followers (the RIGHT type of fans)
  • Start building deep relationships and lead generation system from Instagram
  • Be able to create and optimize Instagram Ads in matter of minutes
  • Know what tools to use to schedule Instagram posts
  • Know what tools to use to create AMAZING images & videos


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Enrolled: 4,763

Price: $10 (30-day money-back guarantee)

Rate: 4.82/ 5.0

4. Copywriting Secrets – How to write cope that sells

Copywriting is known as a amazing tool that can boost sales, improve market penetration and our margins. Good copywriting can do a whole lot better. So it’s time to take part in this course – a very solid and informative course with many great tips on how to write a great copy and everything is explained in details and I’ve learned a lot, in my opinion.

It develops slowly yet systematically with each section. Lots of real-life examples are given as well as the way Len narrates make this course outstanding.

I recommend it equally to some of my friends, both beginners and advanced writers. [boombox_button tag_type=”a” type=”primary” url=”″ target=”blank” class=”primary-button” text-color=”#ffffff”]Buy Now[/boombox_button]


  • Structure and write compelling sales copy
  • Apply the power of emotional drivers, even when writing in a B2B environment
  • Beat run-of-the-mill writers who focus on ‘needs
  • Write powerful calls to action
  • Understand how to leverage features, benefits and advantages
  • Craft professional press releases that get published
  • Know how to become a Voice in their Industry
  • Understand how to schmooze bloggers and the press to get published
  • Interview end customers with confidence to create persuasive case studies
  • Use the power of words to generate more sales leads
  • Glean from a wealth of real-life examples
  • Master White Papers – the most powerful way to generate sales leads bar none

Enrolled: 20, 121

Price: $10 (89% discount)

Rate: 4.65/ 5.0

5. ClickBank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

The last Udemy suggestion is Click Bank Success – Affiliate Marketing without a website. This is a good course to start in Internet Marketing and KC did an incredible job of explaining affiliate marketing to a newcomer like me. The content was well-structured and transparent, informative and all queries are promptly and clearly answered.

The instructor has taught students all the basic skills of internet/affiliate marketing in a step by step format. There is plenty of advice and tips given and lots of interesting, useful techniques are demonstrated.


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  • Gain the knowledge to select good, profitable ClickBank products to promote.
  • Gain the skill to create a profitable advertising campaign and make money with ClickBank without a website.
  • Gain the skill to boost your campaign performance by tracking keywords that lead to actual sales.
  • Gain the skill to build your own squeeze page (without a domain) and attract subscriber opt-ins.
  • Learn how to promote ClickBank products on Facebook with zero dollars.
  • Discover new concepts and marketing strategies that you can apply to other affiliate marketing programs besides ClickBank.

Enrolled: 13,995

Price: $10 (96% discount)

Rate: 4.56/ 5.0

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