4 VPN services you should NOT trust in 2017

First, you must be noting which VPN service is USA company. With all these incoming laws like SOPA, PIPA, etc… it’s really not good to rely on an USA company to protect your privacy. What is funny, one of your favorites, Witopia, has offices next to CIA in Virginia. Is that a coincidence, I can’t say, but I’m sure I want to avoid this one.


I did a small research a few weeks ago to see which VPN is truly dedicated to privacy. Please don’t think I’m some criminal and want to do something illegal. I just care about my privacy and believe anyone deserves the right to privacy. I see it as a nonsense to use a VPN provider which is known to care only about their business and privacy protection is a second thing, not their main goal. Such companies sell the fake sense of security and privacy to their customers. In my research, I found a few big names in VPN industry which should NOT be trusted to:

1. Hide My Ass

They won’t cover your ass. Their name is just misleading. They log your activity. You are better without VPN than relying on HideMyAss to protect you. There are incidents where they turned over all logs to authorities. What is notorious, they even ask customers for personal documents like passport, id, etc… during signup.
HideMyAss and LulzSec hacker –
HideMyAss and LulzSec hacker –

2. VyprVPN VPN service

VyprVPN is known to terminate your account for using BitTorrent. Yet, is their parent company which hosts illegal files and sole purpose of their business is piracy and spreading illegal files. Thus, I found it very ironical. While Giganews supports piracy, VyprVPN will terminate your account if you download from P2P.

3. StrongVPN VPN service

StrongVPN logs your activity too and will terminate your account if you use BitTorrent. They also are a USA company, that fact is enough for me to avoid it. Even tho they are USA company, their staff is all from Russia. I found that interesting. Are they some Russian spies?

4. Witopia

I already mentioned Witopia, they are CIA neighbor. They also have issues with P2P.

VPN’s likes  “proXPN”, “Witopia” are all USA companies, I would certainly avoid these.

It’s disgusting to promote yourself stealing reputation of TOR. TOR is really dedicated to privacy and design of TOR protocol is such that it’s very hard or impossible to trace someone.

Do TorVPN and TorGuard really think they can deceive users they are extra secure and extra dedicated to privacy protection just because of stealing TOR name?

This is just my small contribution to your topic. I would like also to hear other opinions.

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4 VPN services you should NOT trust in 2017