Do you want to learn music with E-learning method- Let’s come to top 5 Udemy courses of music

Music has almost become an important part in our life. E-learning has developed significantly in the recent years and will become leading way of learning in the future. U can be active in time of studying, timetable, teacher and also studying fee. Recently, there have been many websites of e-learning in the world. Among these, there are some popular ones like Coursea, Udemy, EdX, so on. In this article, I want to tell you about Udemy, one website with over 40,000 online courses and 13,000,000 learners. So what do they relate.Because the main topic here is not about Udemy like ít history, process of developing, …. but I want to talk about the courses on Udemy. Today, I want to introduce to you top 5 best-selling courses of music on Udemy. Music is what we can live without in our life. It helps us to be happy, to be sad, or even angry, exploding,… However, in conclusion, it can bring to us the different feelings. When we talk about music, there are many things to say such as instruments, genre of music, vocal,… All of them create sound which makes our life become more diverse, colorful. The courses that I talk to you relate to many things. It can be about kinds of instruments, applications, theory of music. Welcome them! Ready? Let’s go.

PianoforallIncredible New Way to Learn Piano & Keyboard

You want to play piano, guitar. You aren’t a professional instrument player. You also don’t have enough condition to buy the expensive instruments, or simply, register a course to know how to play piano. Now, I think there is a solution for you. It’s Pianoforall. This course is for the beginners that want to learn piano or keyboard and take to the intermediate level in a short time. You will have a chance to learn about basic techniques to know how to play a song. In this course, there is a curriculum including 9 parts that can help you to achieve your goal quickly. You could see them as the books. But they aren’t only the theory, but also the big help for you.  You can see the videos in these books. This is the most effective lessons for you

Instead of only saying the boring theory, you can learn and practice at the same time. This is the reason why I can affirm that you can take to the intermediate level in the short time. Maybe you wonder whether you can play only some kinds of music. Don’t worry much. Because you will be guided to play from the rhythm style piano to the other kinds such as Ballad, Blues, Jazz, … step- by- step. The curriculum doesn’t only include the videos, but also the PDF file. You can read these in free time to improve your skill.

Pianoforall has been one of the best-selling courses of all time with the number of students over 100,000. This tells all about its popularity, quality. You can read some comments about it below:

I have learned more from this course than ever before. He cuts right to the meat from the very beginning in a way so easy to understand. The results are immediate with even minimal practice. I highly recommend this course to anyone! Especially those new to jazz. Great Teacher!”- Alan Hernandez

I had lessons many years ago and have practiced off and on since. I am 70 yrs old and have never studied piano under anyone like Robin Hall who is very knowledgeable and very easy to learn from. I have not only increased my music theory but my ability has greatly improved. Thank you Robin Hall for passing along your knowledge of the piano and making it understandable in such a short time. You have made it fun to learn and practice the piano and I look forward to the next lesson and the next and the next and so on . . . thank you!”- John Ewert
Requirements for this course are just having a piano or keyboard and your passion. That’s all what you need to learn! In the term of price, at the present, the price of this course is very suitable. You only have to pay 15$ for it. I think that your chance to become a great piano or keyboard player is very large. Take it fast!

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Guitar super system level 1

Let’s move to the other instrument. I want to ask if you are a person who has passion in guitar. If your answer is “Yes”, you have the same interest with me. Guitar has been which I want to learn for a long time. It’s very excited when you take a guitar and play a song, I assure that you will be passionate. However, learning guitar is not easy. You must have time and practice it constantly. Moreover, you have to define what kind of guitar you want to play. It seems a bit complex! But it’s the true. Acoustic guitar, classic guitar and electric guitar are different. The sound of them is not the same. So, determine what kind of guitar you want to play before the other things. If you want to know about the electric guitar, this course is for you.

So what do you learn? The basic knowledge of guitar such as chords, key, Major, Minor, so on. Almost many people want to play guitar, they often learn the keys, the tips. However, this way is only effective as playing a default song. If you want to play the different songs, you have to take a full course.  In this course, beside the theory, you also have chance to study about songwriting, live band collaboration, improvisation, … You can practice the knowledge learned immediately. Getting together with you in this course is Tyler Larson. He made this from what he got from the greatest teacher of Berklee College. Tyler Larson was also a student of Berklee College of Music with the Bachelor of B.M Degree in Guitar Performance. He got knowledge of guitar from the best guitar player in the world like Steve Vai, Al Di Meola, even John Mayer. Actually, there is many things to talk about Tyler Larson but I think that you can find more about him while being in this course. There are also some requirements for you for being a learner.  You will need a guitar and should be able to practice with a metronome and understand basic musical terms such as “sixteenth note”, “eighth note”, “pull-off” and “hammer-on”. It’s your advance if you know the name of notes on guitar neck. And finally, it’s about the studying fee. You have to pay 50$ for this. With all you will can as I mentioned, this is very suitable for you. So if you want to learn all about guitar from the amazing teacher, don’t hesitate to register.

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Music Theory for Electronic Musicians

Electronic music has become trend of the music in the world in recent years. We can hear it anywhere. The EDM festival has become more and more popular with us. The rhythm, the sound of electronic music has a strong attraction. When all people get together in one rhythm, it’s so awesome. This happens because of the creation of the musicians. They work and create the amazing sound on PC, laptop, app, … However, sometimes, there are electronic musicians that don’t know how to make their product become greater. This isn’t strange. In the opinion of many people, it comes from the knowledge. If you just create the sound randomly, it’s so difficult to make the other style. The electric sound creators need to know the theory about chords and melodies, then they can improve tracks. And this is the purpose of the course. What are chords, melodies? How can we combine them? What will the musicians do to take their tracks to the higher level? All those questions will be answered in this course.

Music Theory for Electronic Musicians

Because it is for the electronic musicians, so if you want to learn, you need to access to a DAW as an instrument to do your work. The instructor will be J. Anthony Allen, an Ableton Certified Trainer and a PhD in Music Composition and master of Electronic sounds. Only with the above information, the quality can be seen.

And the price is also very awesome. The learners only need to pay 15$ to take it. And as joining, they will be given one more benefits. That is that they will be discounted for the next lessons as registering. So what are you waiting for? If you are an electronic sound creator, even only a person who has passion in EDM, do it to make your music become more interesting and amazing

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Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X- The Complete Guide

Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X- The Complete Guide Udemy

Nowadays, almost every composer, songwriter uses an app or software to make their production. One app or software used to create music is often called DAW. A DAW includes many features and you have to spend a long time to discover them. This can make you not able to focus on producing music completely. One popular DAW that I can tell is GarageBand. I have to admit its popularity. It can’t be denied. But it’s also inconvenient to experience this app. I almost didn’t know how to use it even though I spent much time to try to learn how to use it. But now, I want to show you a software being able to produce music. But the difference between it and the app like GarageBand is that it’s super easy to use. It’s called Logic Pro X. However, I’m not the person guiding you how to use it. Way of using Logic Pro X will be shown in this course. You want to produce music professionally, adjust everything of your tracks with the least mistakes. More importantly, you want not to waste much time to know how to use DAW. And there are many things you want to have answers. Rob Mayzes will help you solve those. You wonder who he is. This is your instructor in the course. He will get along with you for whole 14 hours of studying. Rob is a professional audio author and also journalist. So you don’t need to worry about the way of teaching. He has taught on Udemy too and become a popular audio teacher here with over 1,600 reviews. Rob has got degree in Audio Production from University of Kent and worked in many studios in London for over the years. He has an online learning channel called Musician on a Mission for musicians and recordists with over 15,000 subscribers. What I told is a small part about Rob Mayzes. So if you want to learn not only way of using Logic Pro X but also the experiences of producing music, you should take this with the price only 15$.

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The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginners Course

The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginners Course is one more courses about piano. Learning piano has become a trend recently. If you are a beginner without knowledge about piano, don’t worry. You want to fill some holes in your knowledge of music! You want to have a direction of learning piano! Taking this course is the most suitable. All your purposes will be responded. Just nearly 1.5 hours for this course. I reply,1.5 hours. It’s time that you have to take. You can learn the basic and also the advanced things about techniques, music sheet, so on.

Your instructor in this course will be Rob. He is a full- time musician and teacher in New York City and Los Angeles. Rob was a music instructor and he had student learning at home. These experiences affirm the quality of this course. He had 9 courses on Udemy with over 15,000 students and 1,000 reviews. So if you want to learn about piano but in the shortest time, this is for you with the cost just 15$.

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Do you want to learn music with E-learning method- Let’s come to top 5 Udemy courses of music