Top 5 Web Analytics Software Programs in 2018

Website analytics are a useful tool in optimising our website performance by highlighting how users are interacting with your data. Not only does it allow us to understand how well our website is performing, but it provides insightful data about our visitors. We can use this data to our advantage when it comes to future marketing decisions, tailoring your B2B approach to give our customers exactly what they want. Therefore, possessing a web analytics software program is extremely essential, and that’s why today I would like to introduce top 5 most outstanding Web Analytics Software programs as following.

1. Alexa

The first web analytics software is Alexa, a website traffic analysis tool that enables users to access critical information about their websites and that of their competitors. These valuable data include traffic sources, monthly searches, keyword and key phrase usage, traffic statistics, and website comparisons to mention a few. Alexa gathers all these information and analyzes them to help you discover insights and opportunities on how to improve your SEO, maximize the performance of your websites, boost your visibility, and rank high in the search engine results page.

In ranking websites on a global scale, Alexa utilizes a proprietary methodology to calculate their ranks based on a website’s combined estimated average of daily unique visitors and its estimated number of pageviews over the past 3 months. A country-specific ranking is also provided.

Developed and maintained by Amazon, Alexa helps businesses access website details such as traffic and rank, allowing them to discover, maximize, and work on actionable ideas to drive their business forward.

With Alexa, we are able to see where our websites rank as well as who and where our competitors are. The service gives us a clear picture of how our website’s performance, traffic, and other indicators fare against theirs and what we can do to further improve our websites. Alexa also helps us discover opportunities that we can work on to boost our SEO and reach more people, contacts, leads, and prospects.

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To improve our SEO, we need to know which keywords are best for our website. Alexa helps us find and concentrate on low competition keywords to bolster our SEO while avoiding competition, and more importantly allows us to see what keywords our competitors are using and take advantage of that knowledge by creating SEO strategies that will get our business way ahead.

Key Features

  • Keyword Difficulty Tool
  • Competitor Keyword Matrix
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Competitor Backlink Checker
  • SEO Audit Tool
  • Audience Overlap Tool
  • Site Comparisons
  • Website Traffic Statistics
  • Find Similar Sites Search
  • Top Sites Search


  • Essentials – $99/month: 1 Site Audit per month + Limited Organic Keyword Research + 100 Competitor Keyword Matrix + 100 Keyword Difficulty Tool + Organic Keyword Share of Voice + Up to 50 Million Pageviews per month
  • Advanced – $149/month: All Essentials Features + 2 Site Audits Per months + Paid Keyword Research + Unlimited Organic Keyword Research + Competitor Keyword Matrix (Unlimited) + Competitor Backlink Checker + Keyword Share of Voice (Unlimited) + On-Page SEO Checker + Up to 200 Million Pageviews per month
  • Advanced High Traffic – $799/month: All Advanced Features + Up to 1 Billion Pageviews per month.

2. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a popular BI solution, known by its competitive online intelligence and web analytics software, No. 1 spot in this category is held by Sisense which has a score of 9.7 and has won the Best Business Intelligence Software Award for 2016 in

Using the biggest international online panel, the tool offers website analytics tools that allow you to see traffic statistics for any of your websites. This in turn enables you to look at website traffic as well as traffic acquisition strategies for various sites simultaneously. Overall, SimilarWeb helps keep an eye on our complete business health, track opportunities, and make smarter business decisions.

The tool’s insights help companies, marketers, publishers, and analysts to review their performance against competitors. By enabling them to compare website traffic, SimilarWeb Pro helps them find new ways to boost their traffic and discover new growth opportunities to broaden their audience. What is even better is that SimilarWeb is a quote-priced system, where each client receives a price tailored to his needs and financial capacity. A free plan for startup users is also provided.

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SimilarWeb is also beneficial for huge companies for their merger and acquisition activities as well as marketing expansion endeavors. Some of the firms that are currently using this tool are Taboola, PayPal, Outbrain, Eventbrite, eBay, and

SimilarWeb Pro can access in-depth data insights related to the performance of our business competitors’ website traffic and even mobile applications. The tool allows you to perform an analysis of any industry or website. By simply checking out a website within SimilarWeb’s control panel, we can get complete access to analytics data of that specific site, such as user engagement metrics including monthly visits, pageviews, bounce rate, and visit duration; along with audience interests and geographic traffic details. Reporting is nowhere beyond what users would expect from a premium BI product, but the real hint about it is that reports can be customized to meet the needs of any industry.

Key Features

  • Website data: visits, keywords, geography, referrals etc.
  • See traffic share according to channel (search, direct, display, etc.)
  • Keyword research tool (for both Organic & PPC)
  • Organic versus PPC keyword performance comparison
  • Competitor website traffic analysis
  • Engagement metrics: bounce rate, time on site, popular pages
  • See traffic share according to device: mobile and desktop traffic
  • In-depth competitor keyword analysis
  • Google Analytics “not provided” and “not set” keywords
  • Reveal competitor display ads and networks
  • Side-by-side website traffic comparison for as many as five sites
  • See conversion funnel pages, subdomains, landing pages
  • Visual charts and graphs for KPIs
  • Mobile app industry analysis
  • Mobile app popular keywords
  • Mobile app market ranking by category and country
  • Industry analysis tool, which includes keywords and traffic sources
  • Email and social media traffic reports
  • Data from Google Play and Apple App store
  • Mobile app traffic sources


  • Free: 5 Results Per Website Metric + 3 Months of Traffic Data + 3 Months of Mobile App Analysis Data
  • Premium: by quote: 500 Results Per Website Metric + 18 Months of Traffic Data + 18 Months of Mobile App Data + Mobile Web Traffic & Engagement + API Access + 245 Industry Categories + Website Popular Pages
  • Custom:by quote: Unlimited Results Per Website Metric + Up to 37 Months of Traffic Data + Up to 24 Months of Mobile App Data + Mobile Web Traffic & Engagement + API Access + 245 Industry Categories + Website Popular Pages + Mobile App Engagement + SimilarWeb Reports + Filter Data by Country

 3. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is also a great web analytics software that companies can use to quickly and easily observe the web traffic and visits with the help of advanced analytics and detailed reports.

Apart from design and automation, Campaign Monitor also provides optimization tools to help users track the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns in real-time. We will be able to see who opened and shared our emails, and what the readers you’re sharing them with are saying to their friends.

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Campaign Monitor offers interactive analytics that provides insights on how our emails are performing in real time. You can see how your readers are engaging with and sharing your content, and how effective your call to actions are. Campaign Monitor also offers robust analytics and reporting components that allow you to see who opened your emails and what aspects of your content are most interesting to readers. We can even see with whom the emails are shared with.

Other benefits include drag-and-drop tools to simplify the creation of emails, easy tools that allow you to grow subscriber lists, and social features to promote sharing on Twitter and Facebook.


  • Basic – $9/month: Send up to 2500 emails per month, A/B testing across subject lines and content, List and subscriber management, Powerful campaign reporting and Robust email automation
  • Unlimited – $29/month: Includes all Basic features plus: Priority 24/7 email support, Access to deliverability experts, Unlimited inbox previews and Unlimited spam testing.

4. BrightEdge

It is no surprise when BrightEdge is on this list as a system which helps businesses to win the content battles of the digital world with its set of effective and highly productive content performance marketing products. With BightEdge, businesses have a powerful set of features and functionalities that help them gauge how their content is performing in the digital world and determine how to further enhance content performance through comprehensive analysis of their SEO efforts.


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With BrightEdge advanced reporting and analysis, businesses can easily measure content performance and come up with effective campaigns, thus improving their reach, getting their content found and generate more revenue than ever.

Key features

  • Keyword Rankings Report
  • Backlinks Tracking
  • SEO Recommendations
  • SEO Performance Analysis
  • Keyword and PPC Discovery
  • Share of Voice Report
  • Site Audit
  • Tasks & Workflow Management

Price: Pricing available by quote only, here.

5. Piwik

Different than other web analytics solutions, Piwik is open-source, that means it is freely available and can be modified at will. To make things look even better, the free and open-source analytics platform comes with as good as everything the semi-professional webmaster needs.


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I believe Piwik is a great solution for webmasters that are in search of a truly free and open-source analytics solution that can match Google Analytics and are able to install the tool on their own server.

Price: Contact for more information here.

Well, Alexa seems to be dominant in this top 5 most popular web analytics software platforms; however, 4 other alternatives are greatly beneficial to any businesses and websites.

Top 5 Web Analytics Software Programs in 2018