Wp Engine Review 2018 – the best web hosting provider for all business

One of the unavoidable tasks that you must face when you create a new blog is choosing the right web hosting provider. However, how to find out which hosting provider is the best choice? It is obvious that any serious WordPress site needs four things: security, speed, scalability, and service. Usually you can find a company that gives you one or two of these. Occasionally three, almost never four. WP Engine excels at all four. They are not just a hosting company, they are really our partners in success. 

After using upwards of 7 different hosting companies plus experiencing many other hosting environments with our clients such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator or InMotion, I can say that for hosting WordPress websites, WP Engine is second to none and stands out as an extremely popular web host. Personally speaking, WP Engine is a more-than-competent host that boasts excellent uptime, WordPress-specific security, unlimited monthly data transfers, and other excellent features. Therefore, this article is my sharing, my experience with WP Engine, and I do hope that it can be a feasible solution for your websites.

What is WP Engine?

Launched in 2010, WP Engine is based in Texas. It is founded by Jason Cohen and Ben Metcalfe. Metcalfe is well known for developing BBC online blogging system when he worked there.

Actually, before WP Engine I have tried many different hosting provider, and suffered the same disappointment. And I saw WP Engine attractive advertising “served over 30,000 customers in 120 countries” and especially “achieved $1 million revenue during the first 12 months of operation”. That was curious, and I tried and I was really surprised as well as satisfied with its performance. 


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Who is WP Engine for?

I see that WP Engine isn’t for everyone due to it high price. There are 3 types of customers that WP Engine seems to be a fit for. For those 3 types of customers, WP Engine has a strong focus with plenty of tools & focus for each.

The first customer type includes WordPress developers and designers who wish to focus on development & design without dealing with hosting maintenance – and have clients who have some budget. The designer builds the site directly in WP Engine’s staging environment, launches the site, then hands the website over to their client.

The second customer type is the growing website owner who is frustrated at having to deal with technical growth headaches. They’ve outgrown their shared hosting and need to move to a better host. WP Engine has tools like the automated migration tool & customer support to make that process happen. The phone support is a key factor – especially being able to “just call WP Engine an have them fix it.”

The third customer type is a startup website owner that has budget and wants a long-term platform that they can grow with. They are comfortable learning WP Engine’s unique backend, and plan on launching a near-complete website all at once. For this market, WP Engine has the scalable features, customers and support that they can make promises and provide support to win & keep this type of customer.

With these types of customers, WP Engine knows how & where they are coming from, so many of the improvements they make are focused on these markets (ie, the Git push functionality), rather than mass-market improvements like knowledge-bases, intuitive backend, etc. 

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How to get it?

Choose a hosting package below to power your prebuilt WordPress site. All packages include the tools listed above. If you’re already a WP Engine customer you can add your new instal to your existing account.

Go back to the original email you received from WP Engine. At the bottom of the email click the button named “Enter your code”.

Transfer code will be automatically entered. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the transfer. To view your site at the preview URL click “Edit” next to Blocked Traffic and uncheck production and staging. Then visit the URL displayed next to your CNAME.

WP Engine plans, price and refund policy

Some plans that WP Engine provides:

  • Personal :

  • Professional :

  • Business :

  • Premium: you have to call them to ask for the price

  • Enterprise grade: same as the Premium Plan, you have to call for price.

If you’re interested in the Premium and Enterprise grade plans, you can call WP Engine at +1-512-827-3500 or fill in a form and someone will contact you.

The detailed comparison between the 5 plans that WP Engine offers can be found on their website. You just need to click on Plan then Pick a plan.

WP Engine offers a 60 day money back guarantee without any cancellation fee.


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WP Engine’s Excellent Uptime

WP Engine provides a rock-solid web hosting experience and 100% uptime guarantee (actually 99.95%). A credit of 5% of their monthly bill would be assured for every downtime hour customers may experience. For the testing, I used a website monitoring tool to track my WP Engine-hosted test site’s uptime. Every 15 minutes, the tool pings my website and sends me an email if it is unable to contact the site for longer than one minute. I look at the data for the most recent 14 days for each site’s review. In my newest tests, WP Engine proved incredibly stable. In fact, WP Engine didn’t go down once during that two week testing period. As long as it keeps on this course, you can count on it deliver a rock-solid Web hosting experience. That is really helpful.

Real-time security threat detection

WP Engine Block Millions every day, they prevent attacks before they happen. Proprietary, adaptable intrusion detection and prevention system dynamically detects and blocks malicious behavior. If you get hacked, they will fix it for free. It’s not cheap for emergency unhacking services.Fortunately, you can save your money. In the unlikely event that your site is compromised, they’ll fix it at no extra cost to you.

 Solid WordPress Hosting

WP Engine excels not only on current features, but also on creating new, cutting edge hosting features. Every version of WordPress 4 has rolled out new developer features that WP Engine has been able to integrate.

All of our websites are hosted on WordPress, so choose a host that specializes in WordPress is dealing with professional. WP Engine tries to be general but it does only WordPress website, no email hosting and any other services.

Website Security

All of us will need security for our website and this is the big one. Thankfully, WP Engine do it very well. Your website will be protected in a highly secure by a free of charge Secure Socket Layer with your hosting subscription. 

More importantly, WP Engine performs daily malware scans and has a firewall—one that’s updated daily—to block the latest threats. The Web host states that if your site gets hacked, it’ll repair the damage free of charge. And also to ensure that your website is running the most version of WordPress, WP Engine automatically upgrade your install whenever minor patches are released.


I was really impressed by WP Engine‘s helpful support. During my first experience I contacted it several times, early morning and midday as well as the Web chat to contact a representative who could explan SSL certificates above. The team answered all questions quickly and impolitely. So I think WP Engine operates an effective customer support with live chat support 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year for all plans. Even you’ll get one-on-one help by logging in your account, they will recognize you and your problems then find the best solution for them. Phone support is offered for almost all the plans, except Personal plan, and ticket support is only offered for Enterprise plan.

These above are some of my experience in WP Engine, and its performance was really impressive. And i did understand why this company could earn $1 billion in just first 12 months of operation.

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Wp Engine Review 2018 – the best web hosting provider for all business